Report & Photos: Sakura Gakuin "Lesson Of Invention" and "Lesson Of Language" Open Classes

Sakura Gakuin held the first Open Classes of Nendo 2015, the first took place on August 9 and the second took place on September 20. Joseph Tame and Miyoko Yoshikawa were the special guests to teach the girl inventions to bring to school and a special method to learn to talk more correctly. Read our report about both events including awesome photos of the open classes! 

Sakura Gakuin first Open Classes of Nendo 2015 

Sakura Gakuin held the first Open Classes of Nendo 2015 at Mt. Rainier Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure on August 9 and September 20. Joseph Tame was the special guest for "Lesson Of Invention" on August 9 and Miyoko Yoshikawa was the special guest for "Lesson Of Language" on September 20. 

The first Open Class event of Nendo 2015 took place on August 9 with Joseph Tame. Joseph is a Digital Media Producer and also a very well known Inventor. He divided homeworks for Sakura Gakuin students in 6 pairs of 2 students to make "good things to bring to school" with a budget of 1000 yen. 

The first pair Rinon and Shirai showed the "Roulette" for cleaning duties, while the second pair Marin and Soyoka showed the "Miracle Pencil". Then Aiko and Maaya showed an invention to find items, Megumi and Kano were the next pair with glasses to not sleep, Mirena and Sara the "Helmet for Anything", and finally Ooga and Momoko with the help of Joseph Tame showed to Fukei-San a reverse drink bottle. 

Sakura Gakuin "Lesson Of Invention" by Joseph Temu on August 9

Class 1: Rinon Isono, Shirai Saki, Marin Hidaka, Soyoka Yoshida

Class 2: Aiko Yamaide, Megumi Okada, Maaya Asou, Kano Fujihira

Class 3: Ooga Saki, Momoko Okazaki, Sara Kurashima, Mirena Kurosawa

Photos, Sakura Gakuin "Lesson Of Invention" Open Classes

The second Open Class event of Nendo 2015 took place on September 20 with Miyoko Yoshikawa. Miyoko Yoshikawa is TBS executive announcer and principal of the TBS Announcer School, Yoshikawa's lesson with Sakura Gakuin was based on her TBS Announcer School method. 

The teacher showed the girls how important is the voice to share things, move correctly the mouth in speeches and get attention from people. Also teached what is the "Zero Voice" (voice with no emotions) which is the most relaxed state to speak, and vocal excercises like holding their lips with both hands (see banner above or photos below). 

In addition with the third group of girls she made the girls read weather information aloud, Shirai Saki practiced very well. 

Sakura Gakuin girls read parts of their favorite books, Soyoka Yoshida read part of "Magaku Shonen Tantei-dan" (McGurk Young Detective Organization), Maaya Asou read "Gongitsune", Megumi read "Kumanoko Ufu" (Child Bear Woof). Lastly Shirai Saki read a saved episode of the novel "Kokoro" (Heart) of Soseki Natsume, in an atmosphere of total beauty and calm

Sakura Gakuin "Lesson Of Language" by Miyoko Yoshikawa on September 20

Class 1: Rinon Isono, Aiko Yamaide, Momoko Okazaki, Kano Fujihira

Class 2: Ooga Saki, Sara Kurashima, Mirena Kurosawa, Marin Hidaka

Class 3: Shirai Saki, Megumi Okada, Maaya Asou, Soyoka Yoshida

Photos, Sakura Gakuin "Lesson Of Language" Open Class

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Report by: Maik Gianino