Ichioshi Morning exclusive interview with BABYMETAL in Hokkaido

BABYMETAL was interviewed by Ichioshi Morning while they were in Hokkaido as part of the Zepp Concerts Tour in Zepp Sapporo. BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 in Japan arrived on September 21 to Hokkaido for the third Round of the tour. Watch the full interview below with english subtitles! 

BABYMETAL on Chocolate, playing in Hokkaido, World Tour 2015 and their fans

BABYMETAL was interviewed in Hokkaido during the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 in Japan show at Zepp Sapporo. The girls interviewed before the show talked with Ichioshi Morning about Chocolate, Yui mentioned that they are interested to visit "Shiro Koibito" Factory (Chocolate Factory in Hokkaido). Also was mentioned their performances at Reading Festival and Leeds Festival in August of 2015, Suzuka said they were able to appear along with Metallica this year and were able to watch more of these kind of acts performing live, "these are very precious experiences for us", also Su-Metal said that they saw fans doing the Fox Sign "Konkonkon" which made them very happy. 

Moa said that they are very happy to do the Japan Tour, they are excited to perform for people that never seen them live yet. 

Su mentioned their wishes to perform at Wembley Arena someday, and now they can't believe they are going to perform there. 

Watch the full interview below including english subtitles!

Translation and Subtitles by Thomas Malone