BABYMETAL about ghosts, fans and Ariana Grande on Nylon News

BABYMETAL was interviewed in May in New York City by several media from the United States. One of them was NYLON News. NYLON talked with the girls about Ariana Grande, BABYMETAL fans and their special name, scary things for the girls and more! Very fun interview featuring a really cute Yuimetal reaction! Watch the full interview below with a secundary video with subtitles in spanish! 

NYLON News exclusive interview with BABYMETAL! 

Super fun interview Nylon News did with BABYMETAL in New York City last May, but just today the media site published the interview with BABYMETAL. The girls mentioned their shock when they realized the number of people in the audience at Sonisphere last year, their fans and how they call them, the FOX sign and how they communicate with Kitsune-Sama, and two  great highlight moments when they talk about Ariana Grande (don't miss Yuimetal's reaction!) and also when they talk about scary things! 


Full interview including English subtitles below!