Pagina 12 from Argentina: "Three lolinipponese conquer metal without knowing anything about it" 

Pagina 12 from Argentina in South America wrote a very interesting report about BABYMETAL phenomenon. The report starts making mention about Argentina learning the existence of Japanese rock bands, then talks about the "formula" of BABYMETAL, the members, Kami Band as "Kamimetal", and some quotes from artists like Slash or Ian Hill from Judas Priest. Read the full report translated into english below.


The BABYMETAL phenomenon, report by Pagina 12 from Argentina 

While in the past year Argentina learned about the existence of Japanese rock bands, it's still slipping away from the generic canned Pop that Japanese companies produce for each generation: the so-called "Idols", girls who reach the celebrity status by being models of Japanese perfection; talented, adorable, and completely stylized. 

But the Japanese market (more precisely the talent agency Amuse) found the formula for their Idols to escape from the anime niche, which often enables them internationally, and began to break it with BABYMETAL, the bizarre fusion between the most pure Lollipop pop and Death Metal. BABYMETAL consists of three sweet girls without any idea about the genre, composition or how to play any instrument: Suzuka Nakamoto "SU-Metal", as lead singer, Yui Mizuno "Yuimetal" with Moa Kikuchi "Moametal" acting as backing singers, fluttering around Su-Metal. In the background, Kamimetal, the band who puts the heavyness to this new genre known globally as Kawaii Metal. 

"Small and sweet girls onstage, singing over wild metal riffs with children's voices. It's very interesting to observe this phenomenon" said Ian Hill of Judas Priest. Not only he had something to say: after BABYMETAL broke it's wan in with tracks like "Ijime Dame Zettai", "Megitsune" and "Head Bangya" (With more than 35 million views on Youtube), the Kawaii Metal band began to appear in the most important heavy rock festivals and came in contact with giants like Slayer, Metallica and KISS. 

BABYMETAL with Gary Holt and Kerry King of Slayer at Sonisphere 2014
BABYMETAL with Gary Holt and Kerry King of Slayer at Sonisphere 2014

The girls had to admit that they were shocked when they found out they were going to sing metal, but as good professionals of the music industry they not only got used to the genre but also became professionals at live show performances, to the point they convinced Lady Gaga for exclusive tour dates with her.

The metalhead circle needed some freshness and without any intermediate stop, it received Kawaii Metal. The phenomomen is reduced to the explanation Slash gave to a Japanese journalist: "I heard about them and I know them. They are the most exciting thing that I have seen recently." Even, and contrary to appearances, the dark and viking metal lovers kneel down to the industry loveliness of the band. And while it's considered as that kind of Album that every Cannibal Corpse fan has hidden under the pillow, the underground circles already know their songs and their choreographies. 

It's the contrasts between innocence and darkness that arouses the curiosity on BABYMETAL. Althought the film industry has already shown that there is catalyzing alliance between both (like Sadako in The Ring), this formula fusing Pop with Heavy Metal demostrated the potential to renew the moth-eaten rockers circuits.

Report by: Stephanie Zucarelli

Translation by: Maik Gianino.

Special thanks to: Daniel Fuentes