BABYMETAL featured on NME Magazine International 

BABYMETAL was featured in the latest issue of NME Magazine International. NME reviews its performance at Reading Festival and Leeds Festival past August as part of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015. Also NME talks about their beginnings, the project and the mix between Heavy Metal and J-Pop. Check the captures of the online Magazine below. 

BABYMETAL at Reading and Leeds Festivals featured on NME Magazine International

NME Magazine International wrote an one-page report about BABYMETAL based on its performance at Reading Festival on August 29 and Leeds Festival on August 30 in United Kingdom. NME's report starts with this question: "The Japanese trio are the wildest spectacle in rock right now. But who - and what - are they?" to address in details about their live performances, making mention to their crazy choreographies "They dance like maniacs", but also address in details about the beginnings of the band: "Neither Yuimetal or Moametal knew anything about the genre before joining the band".

Check the captures of the online edition of NME Magazine International about BABYMETAL below.

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