Report & Photos: BABYMETAL Kami Band "FBTH" Seminar at MI Japan in Osaka

BABYMETAL Kami Band members Takayoshi Ohmura, Mikio Fujioka, BOH and Hideki Aoyama attended to the first Kami Band Seminar for Musicians Institute of Japan in Osaka. Check the photos and tweets of the Kami Band members from Osaka on "Freaking Blast Totally Hot" Seminar. 

Kami Band "Freaking Blast Totally Hot" Seminar at MI Japan in Osaka 

BABYMETAL Kami Band members hosted at MI Japan School in Osaka for the first a Kami Band Seminar. Freaking Blast Totally Hot Seminar featured the current BABYMETAL Kami Band members Gods Of Guitars Takayoshi Ohmura, Mikio Fujioka, God Of Bass BOH and God Of Drums Hideki Aoyama.  The event took place just one day before the start of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 in Japan, which starts in Osaka at Zepp Namba. 


The Seminar was attended by MI Japan Students selected by lottery. 

In addition to this event and seminar Kami Band was able to sold in collaboration with MI Japan commemorative items like "Freaking Blast Totally Hot" T-shirt, "Stay Metal" Heart Guitar Pick, "FBTH" Bag, Autographs and also as bonus was available the latest issue of Hedoban Magazine. 

Kami Band members held a "questions and answers" with MI Japan Students and also held a separated mini seminar with Students of each instrument (see BOH photos below).  


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Some of the photos below courtesy of MI Japan Osaka, others by Takayoshi Ohmura.  

Kami Band photos of "Freaking Blast Totally Hot" Seminar at MI Japan in Osaka

Kami Band Merchandise Photos of "FBTH" Seminar at MI Japan in Osaka