Report: BABYMETAL's Youtube Channel hit 100 million views

BABYMETAL's Youtube Channel lead by "Gimme Chocolate!!" Music Video, "Megitsune" and the new addition "Road Of Resistance" reached 100.000.000 views on Youtube! Read below our report about the BABYMETAL's Youtube channel with an in depth analysis of the numbers, suscribers and videos.


BABYMETAL's Youtube Channel received 100 million views

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After BABYMETAL released the official Youtube Channel back in 2012, on July 5, published (at the moment of this report was written) 43 videos itemized in the following manner: 

  • 9 Music Videos (Doki Doki Morning, Iine, Iine Live In Tokyo, Head Bangya, Ijime Dame Zettai, Megitsune, Gimme Chocolate, Road Of Resistance Live In Japan and Ijime Dame Zettai at Sonisphere Festival)
  • 14 Trailers (Mostly related with live releases and future Live shows or Tours)
  • 21 Video Messages (World Tour 2014 and World Tour 2015 messages, 1 New Year message)

At the moment BABYMETAL's channel has 438,747 suscribers and 100,062,887 views

Let's see the channel numbers at the moment, Music Videos, Trailers and Video Messages:


-Music videos numbers at the moment

  • DOKI DOKI MORNING published on 2011.10.24 with: 9,058,903 views
  • IINE published on 2012.11.08 with: 6,501,921 views
  • HEAD BANGYA published on 2012.11.08 with: 5,764,783 views
  • IJIME, DAME, ZETTAI published on 2012.12.26 with: 10,329,303 views
  • MEGITSUNE published on 2013.06.04 with: 19,709,932 views
  • GIMME CHOCOLATE LIVE published on 2014.02.25 with: 33,356,519 views
  • ROAD OF RESISTANCE LIVE IN JAPAN published on 2015.05.06 with: 3,090,557 views
  • IJIME, DAME, ZETTAI LIVE AT SONISPHERE 2014 published on 2015.08.26 with: 558,816 views

-Trailers with most views at the moment

  • BABYMETAL Road Of Resistance Trailer published on 2015.01.05 with: 2,385,704 views
  • BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 Trailer published on 2014.05.09 with: 2,146,502 views
  • BABYMETAL LIVE AT BUDOKAN "Red Night & Black Night Apocalypse" Digest published on: 2014.12.18 with: 877,588 views


-Video messages with most views at the moment: 

  • BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 Message to England published on 2014.06.27 with: 297,899 views
  • BABYMETAL Back To The USA/UK Tour 2014 Message to New York published on 2014.09.04 with: 185,477 views
  • BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 Message to Canada published on 2014.08.06 with: 154,740 views 



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Road Of Resistance 3,090,557 views

Megitsune 19,709,932 views

Report by: Maik Gianino