2015.09.13 - Sakura Gakuin interviewed on HOTWAVE 

Sakura Gakuin was interviewed in August on HOTWAVE to promote the new Single "Mathematica" and the upcoming live at Tsutaya O-East, the interview was officially published on September 13 featuring Sakura Gakuin Students Council President Rinon Isono, Kano Fujihira, Momoko Okazaki and Shirai Saki. Watch the full interview with english subtitles below. 

Sakura Gakuin exclusive interview on HOTWAVE with english subtitles

The girls talked about the meaning of "limited to he period of growth", transfered members, about their roles inside Sakura Gakuin Rinon mentioned details of Shira Saki's role as Talk Chairperson and why she is the indicate for that role. Rinon said that she cut her hair and with her new style she feels that was able to reborn a new Rinon. 

Also girls were asked about their latest live performances like Tokyo Idol Festival in August, and Shirai Saki was asked when she was a Fukei-San and attended to Sakura Gakuin lives. Rinon talked about the new Single to be released soon "Mathematica". 

Watch the full interview divided in 2 parts below. 

Translations and subtitles courtesy of Thomas Malone

Sakura Gakuin on HOTWAVE, Part 1 

Sakura Gakuin on HOTWAVE, Part 2