Ohmura's band UROBOROS announced the first Live Show! 

BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura's new band UROBOROS released its first EP called "Another Ark" on September 9, along with the release was announced the first Live show of the band, more details below. 

UROBOROS to perform the first live on October 27

Takayohi's new project along with artists like Kurose and Aya Kamiki released the first EP "Another Ark" on September 9. To celebrate the album release, UROBOROS announced a secret live show to be held in a certain location in Tokyo (not announced yet) for 100 fans who purchased UROBOROS EP "Another Ark". 

Band's leader shared his thoughts about the secret live on Natalie: "I have to think about several things, UROBOROS wasn't an intention to go indies in depth, firstly, i have to put the songs together proberly. It's important to have the proper songs for a solo live show, the theme is create an album instantly but maintain the quality of it. Along with amazing creators we created excellent songs, i want to be listened in a live show even if there are 5 or 6 songs only." 

Also Kurose mentioned BABYMETAL Kami Band member Takayoshi Ohmura: "First of all when i started the band, more than showing skills in regard of rhymthm aspects, i think is better to create something that i can do from the sound process. Then contacted the drummer, Sasabuchi, we are closed friends, i think his performance and drumming technique is adequate. Next was Taizo Nakamura (the bassist). I really wanted him to join because we were in the same band before he played with Cune... Then the guitarist, i invited Takayoshi OHmura who is recently active as BABYMETAL Kami Band. His sound on C4 is excellent, his style is brilliant too. He is the first choice to perform our songs... And the vocalist, Aya Kamiki, she is a high level vocalist."



UROBOROS First Live Show details: 

Date: October 27 of 2015

Location: Somewhere in Tokyo. To be announced.

Show for 100 fans who purchased the album only. 

Fans will be notified via email thanks to the serial codes on Album CD. 


Follow UROBOROS on Twitter: https://twitter.com/UROBOROS_JP

Follow Takayoshi Ohmura on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TakayoshiOhmura

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Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka.