LEDA about playing on BABYMETAL on Black B-Pass Vol.01 

BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Guitar from 2012 to January of 2015 LEDA was interviewed on Black B-Pass Magazine Vol.1 in September of 2015 to talk about his activities with special feature on him playing with BABYMETAL, read an excerpt of the interview translated below. 


Former Kami Band LEDA interviewed on Black B-Pass Magazine Vol.01

For example in BABYMETAL, maybe there are some hard to play parts but nevertheless everyone in the Kami band - not to mention Leda - reproduce them live without resorting to simpler arrangements.


LEDA: "We play the original song, except for things that are really impossible, physically. For example, when there is a single phrase in a different tuning, and we are told to play it, we (have to) say it's impossible. Aside from such occasions, we also match the tone and volume of the sounds, among other things."


And then, you do things like putting something personal in it?


LEDA: "Well, the fact that I've been lead myself has some influence as well. Not restricted to BABYMETAL, this leading figure would like to reproduce the world he wants to represent as much as possible, that is. Now, if I was told 'play the way you like, at the concert', then in that case I would add an arrangement... but basically, by capturing the perfect model from the CD, I feel it's worth being a support, being able to transmit that powerful sound from the original. In this case, I think I don't need my ego at all."


That is, when your skill is being recognized you just meet their expectations and requests.


LEDA: "Yes. What's more I don't like people who just show off their ego, in the first place.

For example, when a guitar solo is played at the live shows, doesn't it happen that people think 'I wanted to hear that phrase, why does he play ad-lib?' That is, 'Just play it like in the album!' I think this happens. Or things like 'In that vocal singalong, at the end of the second chorus, from that bending there should be a guitar solo!' No, no, I don't need your ego! ...something along those lines (laugh) Isn't that so? That's a common pattern I think."


[Cut part in the pictures]...so before you realize it, you have grown


LEDA: "Yes, it's an unforgiving world. If you're careless even a bit, you can be replaced by someone else. There's as many skilled people as you like who can replace you."


I think this is the spirit of Leda san, the wish to really get your teeth into something is strong, so you get on with it.


LEDA: "That's right. Working hard is the only option."


Talking about BABYMETAL, you're not taking part to the current tour, but if there was a chance to participate at the sound source?


LEDA: "If there would be a chance outside the live shows, obviously I would be glad to accept. You can see it at their live shows, but even once they get off the stage judging from their replies I think these girls are really reliable and hard working, I feel everyone in the group is really professional."


What about your other activities?


LEDA: "Now I'm taking part to Linked Horizon for the songs in the anime Attack on Titan, then also together with Takayoshi Oomura and Aya Kamiki I take part in the project UROBOROS. Kamiki san is an incredibly skilled singer, she is at a level ordinary singers cannot compete with, I think. And then, I also worked with Kishou Taniyama, and it goes without saying his skill is brilliant (laugh) Being able to meet these people is stimulating and enjoyable."




Translation by: gakushabaka

Photos from the Magazine by: Coco-metal

Special thanks to: Sagres

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