BOH's new blog post about BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 in Germany and Reading/Leeds Festivals

BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Bass BOH wrote a very interesting blog post after the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 in Germany and United Kingdom at Reading Festival and Leeds Festival. He shares the experience in Germany and England and talks about how the girls are improving as artists everyday and what Kami Band has to offer for a better BABYMETAL in the future. Also a last paragraph with BOH's funny style. Read the translation below. 

Bassist BOH talks about the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 in Germany and UK

Hello, here is your Bald Bassist BOH ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

BABYMETAL World Tour 2015, including added performances in Europe have successfully completed.

Firstly, the two headliner shows in Germany (Frankfurt and Berlin). They were real blown-ups. I could see well from the stage several fans in the front-row who came over from Japan. (*^▽^*) I would be happy to see fellow Japanese in foreign countries, and when it’s during the live act, I get not only happy but also encouraged. It’s been long since BABYMETAL made the previous headliner show in Germany. I think we could deliver even more powerful BABYMETAL to the audience after many live act experiences.

Other than show, I have personal pleasure in Germany which is beer… I love beer and always drink at least one cuppa every day, especially German beer is exceptionally good.

German beer has many variety and you can try various brands as you go to different places, and for me it is very interesting. I cannot wait to visit Germany again.

In the United Kingdom we participated in the 2015 Reading and Leeds Festival. Of course, it’s my very first experience of watching and performing. ヾ( ´ー`) Moreover, in spite of the fact that we joined the Redding and Leeds for the first time, we were given the main stage. I feel sincerely honored to be given such a precious experience. I never expect even in my dream that I’d be able to play on this stage BABYMETAL let us achieve various miracles.

It is my motto to always play to my full capacity wherever I play, either in headliner show or in the fes. It’s obvious I ought to do so as a professional player. At the same time, however, within limited time, for each crew, member, and band to properly focus and fulfill each one’s responsibility require huge mental energy. We push out the heat as a performer while maintaining composure and calmness in front of thousands and tens of thousands of audience.

During this tour, what I felt was "the mental strength of the three members has significantly raised.” . There is performance you can produce only when you have a strong mental power. For me, the attractive feature of Su-Metal-san's singing is its straight vocal, free and lively tone and stable rhythm. And with the sharp dance and remarkably improved chorus work of Yuimetal-san and Moametal-san, overlapped with their desire and passion to deliver their performance to the audience, their performance has been kind of boosted up by spiritual growth, I feel.

They make us expect that they should let us watch even more terrific views ahead… I think this is also an element that reaches the heart of so many people.

How can Kami Band and staff who back these three up from behind do sloppy job?

We are all serious. We continuously challenge the bigger challenges. Things we can do with this team, things we can do only with this team, what will be waiting this team where we go ahead to...?

I am looking forward to Japan National Tour starting this month when we can share this challenge.

Look I've just made a serious post again today! Well, let me finish this post with my tanka... again ヽ(゜、▽゜)ノ


My bald head...

Cute girls gather around my bald head...

They want to stroke my bald head...

Twice, three times, cute girls stroke my head with their hands...

Now they notice their hands are greasy...

And they want to wipe it off with their cloths...

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