BABYMETAL on NME: "We want to teach Metallica our dance moves"

BABYMETAL was interviewed in the backstage of Leeds Festival by from United Kingdom to talk about their recently announced show at The SSE Arena of Wembley in London, England to take place next April 2 of 2016, but also and in english Moametal mentioned their interested to teach Metallica "The Metal Master" their dance moves! Watch the full interview below. 


BABYMETAL interviewed by NME from United Kingdom 

BABYMETAL was interviewed in the backstage of Leeds Festival last Sunday to talk about their biggest show outside Japan to take place on April 2 of 2016 at Wembley Arena, also the girls were asked about which band at the event they would like to teach their dance moves and why, Moametal said: “I would like to teach METALLICA our dance moves, just because we’ve learned so much from them about metal.”

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