Viral Report: "BABYMETAL: Japanese schoolgirls sweeping between darkness and testosterone"

Viral report published on hispanic News and Music sites appeared the last days in Spain and mostly in Latin America after the release of the report by "Agencia EFE" about BABYMETAL. This report was re-published several times. The report talks about the BABYMETAL concept from the beginning, to the composition of the music, outfit, members, producers and popularity.

Viral Report for Hispanic countries gives great exposure to BABYMETAL 

Agencia EFE (EFE Agency) founded in Spain is a multimedia company with more than three thousand journalists of more than 60 countries covering more than 3 million news per year reaching approximately 2 thousand mass media around the world.

The report about BABYMETAL was published originally by Agencia EFE (CLICK HERE) and republished on each hispanic country from Spain to Mexico or Honduras in Central America to Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina or Uruguay in South America (just to name a few). 

The report was re-published with different titles or edited to add local expressions but the content is exactly the same on each News or Music site associated with Agencia EFE. 

Below some a few examples of the same report re-published in other countries. 

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This is without any doubts a great exposure for BABYMETAL in countries where news about them are very rare or nonexistent. Can this be a test of the Hispanic market?



Viral Report translated: BABYMETAL: Japanese schoolgirls sweeping between darkness and testosterone:

Report includes mistakes like: 3 guitarist and 2 drumers or the audience of Summer Sonic Festival (just to name a couple).

Tokyo, August 23 (Agencia EFE) - Three Japanese schoolgirls share the stage at Festivals around the world with sinister appearance groups like Iron Maiden, Kiss or Marilyn Manson, and have conquered from Pop lovers to purists of Heavy Metal. 

BABYMETAL was born in 2010 as a chimera of Japanese music industry and became in an unprecedent global phenomenon for an "Aidoru" group (Idol), thanks to its unusual mix of sugary melodies and candid choreographies with a wild instrumental base. 

With its esthetic "kawaii" (translatable adjetive from the Japanese "cute" or "sweet") and its own mythology inspired by Shinto, they are a rarity in any international music festival, and call more attention in the circuits of rock and its most extreme slopes, where its popularity has soared. 

The petite Japanese trio between 16 and 17 (years old) acts this summer in meccas of metal like Rock On The Range (USA) or in the historical festivals of Reading and Leeds (United Kingdom), they were opening act of the Pop Diva Lady Gaga in 2014 and reached 32 million views on Youtube with their clip "Gimme Chocolate!!". 

They key of their meteoric stardom is that "they have capitalized its viral success on internet and are accompanied by a powerfull live performances" explains to EFE the specialized journalist in Japanese music Patrick St. Michel. 

BABYMETAL bring "something fresh to heavy metal genre" and achieve "a fair balance between this genre and Pop, spiced with very catchy choruses", a combination that "manages to attract fans beyond the typical spectrum of J-Pop (Japanese Pop)", said the expert.

"Is it metal? Is it crazy? Is it real?" He asks meanwhile the British Magazine "Metal Hammer" in its latest issue, dedicated the cover to BABYMETAL

This reference publication on gender gave them the Breakthrough Artist Award 2015 while its competitor "Kerrang!" gave them the Annual Award for "Independent Spirit."

As occurs with other manufacturated formations by the powerful Japanese music industry, the three girls of BABYMETAL are only a visible face not responsible of the musical composition or lyrics. 

Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal -artistic names- are listed as vocalists and dancers of the group, and to find the artisans of their intrincate sound must dig into the credits of the albums, where appear in small print most of the valued Japanese producers of Rock and Electronic music. 

On stage, the three teenagers sing and display their energetic show while in the background and dressed as ghosts or skeletons play a group of three guitarists, two drummers and a bass player, all with extensive experience in Japanese bands. 

The trio often acts wearing pigtails, corsets and shoulder pads and red tutus, in addition with rock paraphernalia as well like bracelets and necklaces while also appear in clips as schoolgirls, or with kimono or Fox masks, an animal revered in Japanese folklore. 

This mammal has supernatural powers and the ability to transform into an attractive young girl, according to the Japanese mythology, it also considered as guardian of nature and messenger of the gods. 

In each concert, Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal are "possessed by the Fox God" and lose their consciousness of what happens on stage, they say it in interviews and their frequent appearances on Japanese TV. 

Beyond the debate of their musical style, about its authenticity or the merit of its success, BABYMETAL are the proof that Japan "can produce unique musical groups, able to transcend the niche of audiences for which they were conceived" says St. Michel. 

"The great Fox God chose three girls and given the mission to uniting the world through the Heavy Metal", prophesied a video presentation of the group during their last concert in Japane in the Summer Sonic Festival in front an audience of 110.000 people. 

Translation by: Maik Gianino.