Kami Band Mikio Fujioka performance on Young Guitar with Kemper Profiling Amplifier

Babymetal - Kami Band God Of Guitar Mikio Fujioka Special Demostration for Young Guitar about "Kemper Profiling Amplifier", this video shows the splendor of its sound and Mikio's talent. Watch below. 

Kemper Profiling Amplifier Special Demostration by Mikio Fujioka

Mikio Fujioka recorded a special demostration for free on Young Guitar performing with his new Guitar ESP "E-II" and Kemper Profiling Amplifier kit to show how the gear perfectly reproduce the sound.

Mikio plays with his guitar showing the effects and add some comments to help watchers to understand how Kemper Profiling Amplifier works. Watch below the 11 minutes video of Mikio Fujioka on Young Guitar for Kemper Amplifier. 

What is Kemper? 

"The Kemper Profiler enables you to do what generations of guitar players have been waiting for: to capture the soul of all your amps (and so many more) inside a lunchbox-sized amplifier.

So, how does it work? We use cutting edge technology to capture the sonic DNA of virtually any guitar amp. The resulting profiles are as living, vivid and dynamic as the original amps.


Imagine you’ve used some sweet-sounding, well-maintained vintage tube amps in your last studio session: With the Kemper Profiler, there’s no need to leave those sounds behind anymore. Simply create your own profiles from these amps and take them with you to use anywhere you like. Variations with alternative amp settings can be created and even the cabinet of a profiled combo amp can be exchanged at any time. Dozens of pro-grade onboard effects and stomp boxes can be used to spice up the profiles. We even give you profiles of many exceptional signature amps.

Any amp. Any time. Anywhere. We mean it."

Read more on: http://www.kemper-amps.com/