BABYMETAL Album review on "Hijos Del Metal" Magazine from Spain

The Spanish Magazine called "Hijos Del Metal" featured a review of the BABYMETAL Album released in Europe during May and June of this year.  This is a Magazine focused on Metalhead readers, for that reason we considered interesting to know the point of view of the Spanish metalheads about the BABYMETAL Album. Scans and review translated below. 

Metalhead Magazine from Spain, "Hijos Del Metal" about BABYMETAL's Album 

Hijos Del Metal which translates as "Sons Of Metal" is a Magazine/Webzine focused on Metalhead readers from Spain. In the latest issue released on August 2 they wrote a review of the BABYMETAL Album released in Europe a couple of months ago. Below the scans including a translation into english of the review wrote by Raúl Sujar Pozo. 

"We are obviously at a product of commercial dyes, created by the agency Amuse which started to announce the winner of a singers contest. Suzuka Nakamoto. Years later with addition of the other two girls and the producer Kobametal in front BABYMETAL was born. The band, especially, by the success they are getting both critics and fans. 

First things first, the bad part, is precisely what has been said. They are girls "used" by the agency to show that imagen of "Gothic Lolita" and sell a product more than a band, to say that the three main charaters didn't know about our music before. The good part, and started from one of the "bads" discussed... If three girls join the new hordes of metal is always welcome and if young people continue dragging the metalhead spirit will be always positive. Another good side is, the music shown is both original and with quality. The band's instruments carry powerfull sound quality, and their voices give that touch of "Manga song" making it a fun approach to enjoy. Slash, Jeff Walker (Carcass) among others already gone out to defend the band and the collaboration with Herman Li and Sam Totman of Dragonforce are evidence that they have the approval of the greats. Powerful songs like "Gimme Chocolate!!", that piece of electronic music, metal, hip hop an J-Pop called "Iine!", and the festive "Doki Doki Morning" or the dark "Headbangeeeerrrrr!!" will give you more than one surprises. Product, yes, but well done, truth be told."

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Traslation by: Maik Gianino