Takayoshi Ohmura's band UROBOROS new song "Black Swallowtail" on "Rokka No Yuusha"

BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura's new band UROBOROS collaborated with the new Anime called "Rokka No Yuusha" to release the new band's Single "Black Swallowtail" as Opening of the second episode of the Anime. More details about the song and Single release below. 

Takayoshi Ohmura to release "Black Swallowtail" with UROBOROS on September 9

BABYMETAL Kami Band Takayoshi Ohmura is set to release "Black Swallowtail" Single with UROBOROS on September 9 in collaboration with "Rokka No Yuusha" Anime . The first UROBOROS Single "Black Swallowtail" was part of the Opening of the second episode of the Anime "Rokka No Yuusha" released on August 2. (check opening below). 

The music of the recently released trailer of UROBOROS on Youtube (available to watch below) is part of the first song of the band released on "Rokka No Yuusha", "Black Swallowtail". The new song will be released in collaboration with the anime on September 9 featuring the track, a digest of the UROBOROS mini album "Another Ark" and two different versions of the song "TV Edit" and "Instrumental". 

Black Swallowtail Single

Release date: September 9, 2015

Available on: Amazon Japan, Tower Records and HMV.

Track -.01 Black Swallowtail

Track -.02 ‘ANOTHER ARK’ Digest

Track -.03 Black Swallowtail (TV Edit)

Track -.04 Black Swallowtail (Inst.)

In addition, Takayoshi Ohmura's band UROBOROS will release "Another Ark" Mini Album on September 9 too. 

"Another Ark" is Available to pre-order on: Amazon Japan, Tower Records and HMV

Tracklist to be announced soon. 

For more details about URUBOROS please visit: http://urbrs.com/

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Another Ark Trailer: 

Black Swallowtail on "Rooka No Yuusha"