Marty Friedman loves BABYMETAL "because is polarizing"

Metalholic interviewed Marty Friedman to discuss his upcoming North American Tour next September and October to promote his latest album "Inferno". But also Marty Friedman was asked about the Japanese Music, and in depth about the reactions in United States about BABYMETAL, from people who loves the band to those elitist metalheads. Listen the full interview below. 

Metalholic interviews Marty Friedman about his North American Tour and BABYMETAL

The ex Megadeth, the Guitar icon Marty Friedman was interviewed by Metalholic to discuss his new album Inferno and the upcoming North American Tour to take place during September and October of this year to support the album release. Marty Friedman comes back to United States after more than 10 years of absence. 

He also was asked about his love for Japanese Music, specially since he was involved in so many projects in Japan. BABYMETAL was mentioned because of the success of the band in North America and his support since the beginning of the group, and he also was asked about the reactions from metal music elitist in North America about the style of these new acts and the strugle of some metal fans about BABYMETAL

Marty mentioned that he loves BABYMETAL because is polarizing, because breaks a lot of rules and he loves breaking rules but in addition he loves BABYMETAL because the guitarist of his band (Takayoshi Ohmura) is member of BABYMETAL too, and at the same time he totally understands people arguing about they are not metal and understands people supporting BABYMETAL

Marty affirms he loves BABYMETAL because is polarizing and his whole musical concept is also very polarizing.

Listen the full interview below. If you are interested only when he talks about BABYMETAL starts at 09:00.