Ian Hill from Judas Priest talks about BABYMETAL and Kami Band

Ian Hill british bassist of the band "Judas Priest" was interviewed by Krone from Austria to promote their shows in Europe. Translated below an excerpt when he was asked about young metal bands and BABYMETAL gets into topic.  

Ian Hill: "They're really cute, but the band behind it is simple bombastic"

Krone: Do you see a future problem in that there is still "dinosaurs" as you or KISS to headline the big festivals and hardly a young band seems to be so great to be able to get in your footsteps?

Ian Hill: "That's hard to say. It will certainly give bands, otherwise it would not at all. There are many good young bands. It will certainly have it so that we, Iron Maiden or Metallica are replaced. All the more exciting it is so, not yet knowing who will take over this role." (Laughs)

Krone: Babymetal perhaps? Rob Halford has indeed already pictures with the Japanese women and seems like many other metals Musicians also to be very impressed by the band.

Ian Hill: "Yes, Rob is on it totally. They're really cute, but the band behind it is simple bombastic. These hard, impressive riffs - great. Sweet little girls standing on the stage and sing with childish voices to wild metal riffs. It's just interesting to watch this phenomenon." (Laughs)

Translation courtesy of: bmdeath