Maaya Asou diary about meeting Sakura Gakuin and letter from Suzuka Nakamoto 

Sakura Gakuin member Maaya Asou wrote a very interesting diary about working for AMUSE KIDS, her first meeting with Sakura Gakuin 4 years ago, learning from Sakura Gakuin and a letter from Suzuka Nakamoto after one of the concerts. Read the full diary translated including an archive photo of when Maaya met Sakura Gakuin members. 

Maaya's diary: My first encounter with Sakura Gakuin

"Nico nico nii" It's Maaya!

This time, I want to write about the first encounter of Maaya and Sakura Gakuin.

That was 4 years ago.

It was May just after Maaya turned 2nd grader of elementary school, and turned a member of AMUSE KIDS. It was Maaya's very first job...'Ciao Fes'!

Recently, Ciao Fes is held on August, but it was on May 4 years ago.

Maaya appeared on a fashion show in the Ciao Fes. And there were also Sakura Gakuin members on the show. I knew nothing about Sakura Gakuin before that.

At the event, Ayami the president at that time, Ayaka and Airi, all girls were very nice to me. Oh, there was also Mirena. All of senpais came to play with Maaya. Although I was nervous at my first job, I can enjoy the event very much because of them.

And I saw the performance of Sakura Gakuin for the first time. The 2nd grader Maaya was astonished with the too powerful performance and my heart pounded fast.

Since then, I went to Sakura Gakuin concerts several times, and soon I came to adore them.


One day, after a concert, I wrote a letter to Sakura Gakuin! Then... OH MY GOODNESS! I received a reply from Suu!! The letter is my treasure now.


For concerts of AMUSE KIDS, I had lessons with senpais who are now graduates of Sakura Gakuin. I remember well about a performance I played with C when she was 5th grader. With Sara and Megu, I played a drama!


At that time, I had never thought I could join Sakura Gakuin. Now I find myself being a member of Sakura heart is filled with joy.


Since the encounter with them, I had been longing to join Sakura Gakuin. I love Sakura Gakuin soooo much just like C does. Maaya is also a Fukei. (Laughs)


From now on, Maaya will smile my best, and try to be a Sakura girl who is adored by kouhais.

Fukei-sans. Let's keep supporting Sakura Gakuin together with Maaya.


Translation by: Onji Kobe