Herman Li on Scuzz TV dicusses BABYMETAL at Download Festival

Herman Li from Dragonforce was interviewed by Scuzz TV as part of "The Lowdown" special about the Download Festival 2015. Herman talks about the collaboration with BABYMETAL for Road Of Resistance and also about the live collaboration at Download Festival happened on June 12. Watch the interview below. 

Herman Li from Dragonforce about BABYMETAL on Scuzz TV 

Herman Li from Dragonforce discusses with Scuzz TV the collaboration with BABYMETAL on Road Of Resistance and also talks about the live collaboration on the Maverick Stage at the Download Festival playing "Gimme Chocolate". At first Herman Li tried to hide information about the performance but then he confirms the live collaboration

Also, during the interview the BABYMETAL girls can be seen walking backstage and taking photos with people there. 

Watch the full interview with Herman Li of Dragonforce courtesy of: Babymetal Desu