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Wednesdays for our community are Kami Band Wednesdays, is the Kami Band Day and our fifth biography is about Kami Band God of Guitar, Takayoshi Ohmura. Read below our extensive biography about Ohmura-San, Gita No Kami. 

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Knowing Gita No Kamisama Takayoshi Ohmura

Takayoshi Ohmura (大村孝佳), was born on December 26 of 1983 in Osaka, Japan. Osaka it's the capital city of Osaka Prefecture and the largest component of the Keihanshin Metropolitan Area. Takayoshi started learning piano lessons at the age of 3, then when he was 11 started to play acoustic guitars moving to electric guitar at the age of 14. When he was 17 started to get into the Western Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, he was devote to the shredding of Impelliteri and performed Yngwie Malmsteen songs in a High School festival on his senior year.


At first studied from Young Guitar Magazine lessons but then, when he was 19 in 2002 attended to Guitar Institute Of Technology of the Musicians Institute Of Japan in Osaka to be a shredding specialist. There he met the Kami Band God Of Guitar Mikio Fujioka (Biography Here). Mikio was his teacher in the first year.


His influences are driven from Hard Rock to Neo-Classical Rock merged with his highly skilled shredded solos with plenty of emotions in them. One of his favorite guitarists are George Lynch from Dokken (and many more other acts) and Marty Friedman.


On August 30 of 2004 released "Nowhere To Go". A Mini Album  with 6 tracks under Pony Canyon Inc. This album was recorded in collaboration with Richie Kotzen, Mark Boals (ex Yngwie Malmsteen) and Doogie White (ex Yngwie Malmsteen). The debut album was released thanks to Yamaha Music Communications.


After graduating and the release of his debut Album, Takayoshi started as MI Japan Speed Guitar Department Instructor and also as ESP Artist.


After "Nowhere To Go" he formed the band Cross Hard along with Kouhey on Vocals, Kaoru on Bass, Shingo on Drums and Teru on Keyboards. On May 25 of 2005 they released "Eclipse From East" with Cross Hard under Nippon Crown Co. LTD lable. A 9 track mini album. In the same year, the band stopped playing due to commitments of members.


In 2006 with Kaoru (Bassist of Cross Hard) he formed another band named Gloria


On November 25 of the same year Takayoshi released his second solo EP called "Power Of Reality". A 6 tracks EP under Pony Canyon Inc..


In 2007, Takayoshi Ohmura released his third solo album called "Emotions In Motion" on August 22. 10 tracks album under Trycicle Entertainment featuring popular songs like "Distant Thunder" with Doogie White (Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen) on vocals, but also Doogie sang on "Warrior". Other vocalists featured on this album: Tony Moore (Riot) on "Holy Tomorroow" and "Never", Terry Illous (XYZ) on "Tell Me Why" and "Rain On Me" and Ted Poley (Danger Danger) on "Stay Away" and "Wanna Remember". The same day, was also released as Single "Distant Thunder".


In 2008 Takayoshi Ohmura joined Marty Friendman's band.


With this band Gloria, Ohmura and Kaoru released "MOTIF" on March 26, 2008, a 3 tracks EP. 


Then a second mini-album called "Acrobatic Road" was released on January 21, 2009 including 7 tracks. During this year, Gloria stopped the activities.


On July 23, was released his participation on Young Guitar with a 124 pages guitar instruction book and CD.


This year he also joined A-Mei's AMIT Asian Tour visiting Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and China. The Tour started in November of this year.


On December 23 of the same year, was released "BLAZBLUE SONG ACCORD #1 with CONTINUUM SHIFT" published under TEAM Entertainment and distributed by Sony Music. Takayoshi was guest guitarist in four songs of the album, "Continuum Shift", "Condemnation Wings", "Gluttony Fang" and "Rubble Song".


During 2010, Takayoshi joined Akane Liv's band, LIV MOON. Akane Liv is British singer who graduated from the Takarazuka Music School and met producer the Tatsuya Nishiwaki and later the band LIV MOON was formed.

Ohmura's promotional photo for Gloria
Ohmura's promotional photo for Gloria

On March 14 of 2010, with Takayoshi Ohmura along with Leda Cygnus and Mikio Fujioka plus several artists was released "Metallical Astronomy" of Sound Holic. Takayoshi was part of the songs "Infinity Trip" and "Missing Moon".


In April of this year ended his participation in the A-Mei's AMIT Asian Tour. 


On December 15 of 2010 was released the second Soundtrack Album "Blazblue Song Accord #2 with Continuum Shift II" from Continuum Shift II. Takayoshi this time was part in 6 of the 19 songs of the album. His guitar appears on "Butterfly Sky", "Don't Look Back", "Alexandrite", "Active Angel", "Sword Of Doom" and "Dimension Shift".


During 2011 Ohmura, joined Narayushi Kikuchi's project DCPRG (Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden).

On March 16, Liv Moon released "Golden Moon" a 14 tracks album. The same day also was released a CD/DVD Limited Edition.

On September 10 released the song "Wanna Get A Good Love".  

On September 21, Narayushi Kikuchi of DCPRG featuring Takayoshi on Guitar released the first Major Release called "Alter War In Tokyo" under Universal Music. 6 Tracks double CD.

On October 29 of the same year released the song "Night Of USA" in collaboration with TOKI (C4) on vocals. 


On October 30 of 2011 was released another Sound Holic's album called "Metallical Vampire". Takayoshi recorded guitar and bass for the song "Septuor de Ecarlate" and guitar for "Les Misérables".


On November 9, was released "World Maker" by MIYU. Ohmura was her producer and also participated playing guitar and bass. This was MIYU's first solo album. 


On December 22 released the song "Shadows Of Eternity" including the vocals of Chris Powers (Razer) with lyrics of Soul Doctor and Louis Sesto.


On December 25 was officially announced that Takayoshi  joined to C4 at Shinjuku Loft.


On January 18 of 2012, was released "Symphonic Moon" of LIV MOON another album during Takayoshi's stay in the band. This album also counts with a CD/DVD Limited Edition.


Young Guitar released another magazine featuring Takayoshi on January 26. Issue called "Retsuso Guitar Dojo - Mixed Martial Arts". 

On February 14 of 2012, was released a new album by Continuum Shift, "BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND CONTINUUM SHIFT LIMITED OST" a compilation of previous Albums featuring the songs Takayoshi recorded previously, "Gluttony Fang", "Condemnation Wings", "Sword Of Doom" and "Alexandrite". This was a Limited Edition including a Package with CD, Art book and Calendar.


On March 28 of 2012, was released DCPRG's CD called "Second Report From Iron Mountain USA". 7 Tracks CD.


On June 6, C4 released their 3rd Studio album called "Centurion 4". 10 tracks album. The first album with Ohmura in the band. 


Liv Moon on September 26 released a new Album called "The End Of The Beginning", 15 tracks album including 3 instrumentals. Also was released including a CD/DVD Limited Edition.


On December 6 of the same year, was released "Ryu Uta: Ryu ga Gotoku 5 THE BEST SONGS SELECTION" featuring Takayoshi's guitar in 2 songs. He performed on "Loneliness Loop, Full Spec Edition" and the same song on Karaoke Version. The CD was published under SEGA. 


Closing 2012 Takayoshi Ohmura released his fourth Studio Album called "Devils In The Dark". The Album was released on December 24 under Keasler Japan Limited / Conquest Group. This album includes the collaboration of Titta Tani (Ashent, Daemonia, Goblin, Virtual Mind), Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth), Russell Allen (Symphony X), Francesco Fareri, Akane Liv (LIV MOON), Chris Powers (Razer), Toki (C4) and Nishiwaki Tatsuya (LIV MOON). The CD includes 10 tracks featuring collaborations with all of them in 9 tracks. Only "Trust" is instrumental.


Two days after, celebrated his birthday and the birth of "Devils In The Dark" at Meguro The LIVESTATION with his band featuring Ohmura on Guitars, Nov on Vocals, Shoyo on Bass, Shingo on Drums and Ayuco on Keyboard. Also the performance was highlighted with specials guests like TOKI from C4 on Vocals, Street Soldiers on Vocals and Ryoma Ota on Guitars. 


On February 1st of 2013, Takayoshi Ohmura debuted as BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Guitar at Zepp Tokyo in Japan for BABYMETAL's "Legend Z". The show was recorded to be released later this year.


In May performed with BABYMETAL the first Tour of the band, "Death Match 'May Revolution' Tour". Playing 4 times in one week at Osaka Big Cat and three shows at Zepp Diver City.


On June 30 performed once again as BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Guitar for Yuimetal and Moametal Seitansai at NHK Hall. This show was recorded to be released in 2014.


On August 10 and 11 Takayoshi performed as God Of Guitar with BABYMETAL in the Summer Sonic Festival 2013, this was the first BABYMETAL in the Festival performance with live band.


On September 4 of 2013, C4 released the 4th Studio album called "Barret Caliber 4". 10 tracks album.


On October 20, Takayoshi performed two times at Loud Park in the same day. Performed with BABYMETAL as Kami Band member and also with Metal Clone X along with Marty Friedman and Freddy Lim from Chthonic.


On November 22 was released the first BABYMETAL's Live DVD/Bluray "Live Legend IDZ" featuring Takayoshi Ohmura on Legend Z's show.


On February 6 of 2014 played live with BABYMETAL for first time at Music Station.  


Ohmura performing with Marty Friedman
Ohmura performing with Marty Friedman

On March 1 and March 2, Ohmura performed as Kami Band member on the BABYMETAL shows at Nippon Budokan. The shows were also recorded to be released as Live DVD and Bluray in 2015. The Kami Band formation for this BABYMETAL's 2 days performance was: Hideki Aoyama on Drums, BOH on Bass, Leda Cygnus (Now FED Leda) and Takayoshi Ohmura on Guitars. 


During May was part of the European Tour of Marty Friedman band, performing in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and United Kingdom.


On May 11 of 2014 was released "Gensou a la Mode III" featuring Takayoshi Ohmura in two songs, "Neo World" and "Kagayaki Akuma No Densetsu".


On July 27 he joined BABYMETAL to play the North American leg of the first BABYMETAL World Tour performing in United States including part of the shows with Lady Gaga as support act, and Canada at Heavy Montreal Festival. Takayoshi flew back to Japan and then back to North America to fulfull commitments with other bands. 


On August 16 and 17 returned to the Summer Sonic Festival with BABYMETAL, was the second consecutive performance of him with BABYMETAL in Summer Sonic. The third consecutive appereance for BABYMETAL at Summer Sonic


On August 20, Takayoshi released his new ESP Signature Series guitar called: "ESP SNAPPER Ohmura Custom".


On October 28 was released another BABYMETAL's Live DVD/Bluray called "Live Legend 1999/1997" featuring Takayoshi on "Legend 1999" Show.


On November 4 in United States and November 8 in England performed live with BABYMETAL once again this time for "Back To The US/UK Tour". The Show at O2 Brixton Academy in London was recorded for a future release. 


On November 19, C4 released the 5th Studio Album called "Perfection BABEL". 10 tracks album. The 3rd Album since Ohmura is in the band. 


On December 26 performed for second time with BABYMETAL at Music Station.


2015 started with BABYMETAL releasing "Live At Budokan" DVD/Bluray released on January 7.


On January 10 performed in the first BABYMETAL headline show at Saitama Super Arena, was the biggest live show of the band at that moment, in front of 20.000 fans. The show was also recorded for a future Limited Edition release. 


Ohmura's "Devils In The Dark - Final Edition" CD/DVD was released on January 28. The Special Edition CD/DVD includes the Sold Out live performance of his 10 Anniversary show called "The Chronicle Of Metal Lovers" performed at Shibuya Rex on September 6 of 2014 to celebrate his 10th anniversary as professional artist. This album also comes with a bonus track called "Night Of USA" with TOKI (C4).  The Album is published and distributed by Keasler Japan Limited / Conquest Group and Diskunion Music Distribution. Ohmura’s band for this performance was: Takayoshi Ohmura on lead Guitar, Kuze Atsushi on Vocals (Concerto Moon), Nakaze on Guitar (Fo'x Tails), Shoyo on Bass (Cross Vein), Shingo on Drums (Sixx Fourteen) and Saki on Keyboard (Albion). The guest artists were TOKI on Vocals, Mikio Fujioka (Trick Box, BABYMETAL) and Leda Cygnus (ex Deluhi, ex Undivide, BABYMETAL, Far East Dizain).

"Devils In The Dark - Final Edition" Trailer

Takayoshi performing with BABYMETAL
Takayoshi performing with BABYMETAL

By February 19 of 2015 was released "Contra Chronicle Vol.1 coupling with HARD CORPS:UPRISING". An original score featuring 79 tracks, composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari, arranged by Norichika Sato with Atasushi Hasegawa on Bass and Takayoshi Ohmura on Guitar.


On May 20, BABYMETAL released “Live In London – BABYMETAL World Tour 2014” DVD/Bluray and Limited Edition featuring Takayoshi in most of the content. 


During May and June of 2015 Takayoshi Ohmura performed the first part of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 as God Of Guitar playing in Mexico, Canada, United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Japan. In Japan played at the Makuhari Messe in front of 25.000 fans, the biggest BABYMETAL show at the moment.


On July 7 Takayoshi Ohmura announced officially his new band called "UROBOROS" along with  Kurose Keisuke (ex Asriel) as Manipulator/DJ, Aya Kamiki on Vocals, Taizo Nakamura (ex cune) on Bass, Sasabuchi Hirochi (ex Plastic Tree) on Drums. 


On July 27 Takayoshi started the recordings in the studio with C4 to release ORGA "The 7th Anniversary Platinum BEST ALBUM" set to be released later this year. 

On July 31 the media site Oricon published a extensive report about BABYMETAL Kami Band members featuring Hideki Aoyama. The report is about why Oricon thinks Kami Band helps BABYMETAL's popularity overseas (Read here). 

On August 7 played with Marty Friedman's band in Yamaguchi Japan for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in front of more than 30.000 people. One of the biggest performances for Marty Friedman's band in Japan.  

On August 15 and August 16 performed with BABYMETAL for third consecutive year at the Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo and Osaka. On August 16 performed also with Marty Friedman at the Flower Stage and later played with BABYMETAL at the Mountain Stage. After Summer Sonic Takayoshi as God Of Guitar played the second part of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 in Europe playing in Germany and England at the Reading and Leeds Festivals on August 29 and August 30

On September 9 was released UROBOROS 1st Mini Album "Another Ark" in two different editions, CD and CD/DVD. Also was released the lead Single "Black Swallowtail" which is part of the sountrack of the anime "Rokka No Yuusha". (Read more here

Kami Band Seminar at MI Japan in Osaka
Kami Band Seminar at MI Japan in Osaka

On September 13 took place the first BABYMETAL Kami Band Seminar for MI Japan. The event took place at MI Japan in Osaka, the sold out seminar was hosted by Takayoshi Ohmura, Mikio Fujioka, BOH and Hideki Aoyama. (Read more here


During September started with BABYMETAL the "Zepp Concerts Tour" as part of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 in Japan playing at Zepp Namba in Osaka 2 Days and Zepp Sapporo in Hokkaido. 


In October performed with BABYMETAL as part of the "Zepp Concerts Tour" at Zepp Fukuoka, Zepp Nagoya in Aichi 2 Days and Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo 2 Days. 


On October 5 Ohmura and ESP premiered a new guitar called "ESP Edwards E-SN Prototype" during a performance with C4


On October 27 took place in a secret place in Tokyo the UROBOROS live debut playing in front of only 100 fans who bought the album previously in September. 


On November 22 Takayoshi performed for the first time with BABYMETAL at Ozzfest Japan at Makuhari Messe. 


In the last month of the year, Takayoshi Ohmura along with ESP Japan produced a guitar clinic to introduce the new ESP Edwards E-SN-185TO.


Ohmura ended 2015 performing with BABYMETAL at the Yokohama Arena "The Final Chapter Of Trilogy", place where BABYMETAL closed the World Tour 2015 on December 12 and December 13. In addition this month Takayoshi as God Of Drums played with BABYMETAL at Music Station, and at Countdown Japan 15/16. 


On December 26, made a guest Appearance with Gachapin.


In 2016, Takayoshi started official activities in February with BABYMETAL at the NHK Broadcasting Center for a private & secret show for THE ONE members on February 18.


God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura played with his band C4 at Shibuya REX on February 27 as part of the "Operation ORGA Tour", follower for another show on March 5, at Shinsaibashi America Village Fanj Twice.. Days after on March 12, God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura performed at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST in the Crazy Monsters celebration of "Kuremon Fes, Spring 2016". Meanwhile on March 20, Ohmura held a Guitar Seminar & Clinic at Seventh Code Odawara Shop Studio. Before flying to UK with BABYMETAL on March 26 Takayoshi Ohmura played again with C4 in a new date of "Operation ORGA Tour" this time at Livehouse CB. 


On April 2 played with BABYMETAL the biggest headline show outside Japan at the Wembley Arena in London, England, just 2 days after on April 4 performed also with BABYMETAL at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, this show marked US TV Debut for BABYMETAL..


On April 18 as part of promotional listings, BABYMETAL Kami Band members received very important features on CD Japan (Read more here)


Before the next part of the World Tour 2016, BABYMETAL held 2 "Apocrypha" performances at Shinkiba Studio Coast for THE ONE members on April 20 and April 21. A day after BABYMETAL played for third consecutive year at Music Station Live. 


To close April and before the BABYMETAL World Tour in United States, UROBOROS released its 2nd EP called "Zodiac" with 7 Tracks set for April 20, 2016 and then played their first solo performance at Tsutaya O-East "The Ark Of Zodiac" set for April 29. In addition the band announced their second EP "Zodiac" was released in 2 different editions, High Quality sound and High Quality board called HD Edition. The benefit is an Ultimate High Quality CD "UHQCD" available along with the Bluray Edition. 


On May 3 and before the BABYMETAL US Tour East CoastNEO Oyaide Electronics wrote a report from BABYMETAL's rehearsals before the World Tour 2016 including details of Kami Band members gear featuring Takayoshi Ohmura, Mikio Fujioka and BOH (Read more here)


As Kami Band member Ohmura played 8 dates with BABYMETAL during the first part of the US Tour staring on May 4 at the PlayStation Theater and finishing on May 14 at Northern Invasion Festival.


Next month, in June Ohmura played the BABYMETAL European Tour playing in Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, and closing on June 10 at Downlaod Festival in United Kingdom and on June 11 at Download Festival France. During the European Tour on June 8, Kami Band reached 100 live performances with BABYMETAL


Before the second part of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 in United States Takayoshi hosted 2 Guitar Clicnis in Singapore on July 2 and Thailand on July 4 as part of the "ESP Guitar Clinics Asian Tour". (Read more here).


After the European Tour, BABYMETAL returns to United States to play the second part of the BABYMETAL US Tour, this time in the West Coast. Takayoshi played 5 shows in 8 days playing in Seattle on July 12,  then visited San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and the exclusive performance at the Alternative Press Music Awards 2016 in collaboration with Judas Priest's leader Rob Halford. (Read more here). Then on July 23 played with DCPRG at Fuji Rock Festival, while with BABYMETAL played for first time also at Fuji Rock Festival on July 24


In August with BABYMETAL Takayoshi played in 3 Festivals, August 6 Rock In Japan, on August 12 Rising Sun Rock Festival and on August 21 at Summer Sonic in Osaka aside BABYMETAL played at the Festival, Takayoshi took this day to perform at Forest Stage with Marty Friedman's band. Also in August from August 8 to August 25 BABYMETAL hosted "The White Mass", a 6 dates Tour visiting Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya. In Nagoya on August 25 Takayoshi reached 100 live performances as Kami Band God Of Guitar. (Show report). 


The same month, after the BABYMETAL "The White Mass" shows in Osaka, ESP Entertainment hosted with Kami Band members Mikio Fujioka and Takayoshi Ohmura a Guitar Seminar held at MI Japan Osaka. (Read more here). 


On September 19 and September 20 played with BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome 2 Days in front of 55.000 fans each night. The most important performances of the group so far. 


On November 5 Ohmura was featured on NEO Oyaide as they introduced BABYMETAL Kami Band Gear for Tokyo Dome "Red Night". (Read here


On December 26 took place his birthday celebration along with the group Gacharic Spinc at Daikanyama UNIT, in Shibuya, Tokyo. The show also featured Kuze Atsushi on Vocals, Shoyo on Bass and Yuya Maeta on Drums. That day he also announced the release of his new album "Cerberus" set to be released in January 2017.


In January 2017 joined C4's join "GUREN Rampage" on Tour to commemorate the release of their Album "GUREN". The instore commemoration tour which in April 2017. (Read more here



On January 11 played with BABYMETAL in Seoul, South Korea supporting Metallica. The First ever performance of the band in this country.


On January 25 Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura released a new Album called "Cerberus" including a CD and 2 DVD. The Audio CD featured 6 cover songs, 5 with guest vocalists featuring songs from Metallica, Megadeth, Evanescence, Arch Enemy and Dream Theater. In addition a Live DVD with the show of "The Gathering Of Metal Warriors" from his Birthday Celebration which took place in January 2016 and a third Disc for those who buy the at Amazon Japan with a MC Collection from "The Gathering Of Metal Warriors". (See details


On March 12 God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura and God Of Bass BOH through Shure Japan hosted a GLXD16 Wireless seminar on March 12.(Report)



On March 20 Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura was featured on Spinditty (Details). 


On April 21 Takayoshi Ohmura released his new customed guitar, ESP SNAPPER-7 Ohmura Custom Twinkle Pink. (Details




Biography Notes:

-Takayoshi Ohmura performed more than 100 live shows with BABYMETAL at the moment. Only a few (and most important) performances were highlighted on this biography. 


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Takayoshi Ohmura with Cross Hard and Marty Friedman

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Takayoshi Ohmura Website, Wikipedia, Metal Archives, Touhouwiki. Glorious Days My Space

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Biography by: Maik Gianino for BABYMETAL Newswire.

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