Sakura Gakuin interview about "Shaun The Sheep" new movie 

With the release of the new Shaun The Sheep movie, the 20th Anniversary and the Year Of The Sheep, did an exclusive report about the making process of the new movie and interivewed Sakura Gakuin members Momoko Okazaki, Maaya Aso, Marin Hidaka and Ooga Saki to talk about the movie, their impressions and also they compare some characters of the movie with Sakura Gakuin members. Read the interview below. 

Momoko, Marin, Maaya and Ooga interviewed on Natalie about Shaun The Sheep

British stop-motion animated television series, a spin-off of the Wallace and Gromit franchise, Shaun The Sheep is currently being broadcasted in Japan. To mark the 20th anniversary of the birth, a feature-length film, titled "Shaun the Sheep Movie ~Back To The Home~" will be released nationwide on July 4. Eiga Natalie interviewed 4 members of Sakura Gakuin on behalf of the generation that's grown up by watching "Shaun The Sheep" series. Okazaki Momoko (12), Aso Maaya (11), Hidaka Marin (11) are the new transfer students who were born in the Year of Sheep, and Ooga Saki who has been appointed as Education Chairman for this year, were gathered for interview. When asked about their first impression, three junior said they originally love "Shaun The Sheep".

Did you hear the reason why four of you were gathered?

Marin, Maaya, Momoka: "Yes!"

Marin: "Absolutely, because of the year of sheep?"

So three of you were born in the year of sheeps

Ooga: "Is it? I'm year of dragon!"

Does everyone know Shaun The Sheep?

Marin, Maaya, Momoka: "Yes!"

Ooga: ........... (smile silently)

Marin: "When I was kindergarten, I watched on TV"

Ooga: "It's not like I don't watch at all. It's popular in school, I knew the character because there's Shaun pencil case in the class. Moa was also wearing Shaun head scarf on the New Year card's photo."

Ooga-san, how was the first time you watched Shaun The Sheep?

Ooga: "It was interesting. It has no dialogue but I thought the story was appealing."

Maaya: "Shaun is like the leader of the sheep, like (Isono) Rinon-chan?"

Momoko: "Oh, Student Council President!"

Marin: "Bitzer is like education chairman! How about Shirley? The biggest, and gluttonous."

Ooga: "Who's the gluttonous member this year?"

Maaya: "Not me!"

Ooga: "Ah! Maaya-chan why do you hide your face?"

Maaya: "I'm not! I just love pickle ginger." 

Ooga: "So Shirley is Maaya-chan"

Momoko: "I wonder what kind of character are Hazel and Nuts?"

Hazel is so coward, Nuts is the eccentric among the flock, with an unusual way of looking at the world that sometimes confuses his woolly companions.

Everyone: (looking at Marin)

Hidaka-san, on the new students orientation event, you made everyone confused

Maaya: "She said "I was possessed by the devil""

Momoko: "She looked like ghost!"

Ooga: "But I think, this year Sakura Gakuin is unique!"

Okazaki-san was crying in the middle of movie

Momoko: "I was impressed, I cried twice." 

Ooga: "I was impressed comparing the old and current scene."

Momoko: "Right! Even if we watched many times, we would say we're impressed."

Asou-san concluded "Good story!" at the beginning of flashback.

Maaya: "I've known that Shaun is a good story"

The farm owner and sheep have spent time together. The family bond have been drawn. "I hope we're family," do you have that kind of experience?

Maaya: "Yes! I have 3 little brothers. We always quarrel, the other day it got into big fight. And they said, "Just leave!" So I ran out to the front door. I was scared to go outside apartment so I was sitting near the door. Then my brother chased after me and said "Maaya..don't go, please stay!" I thought, "Oh, we're still family, it's warming".

Hidaka-san how were you watched this movie?

Marin: "It's interesting. There's a comedy scene. And then, the 3D Shaun was like a puppet running in the video."

Thank you very much. In the end, could you tell the recommended point of this movie?

Maaya: "The characters really united their power, when you combine forces, it will be good teamwork."

Translation by: Amuse Indonesia Fans