Inside the weird and wonderful world of BABYMETAL by Rock Sound Magazine

Rock Sound Magazine did a special report about BABYMETAL's concept for their online suscribers. They explain "Inside the weird and wonderful world of BABYMETAL" making focus on who are they, who is Kobametal, the music, why are they so popular on rock/metal festivals, and the importance of their lyrics. Captures and summary with the most important answers (to us) below. 

Rock Sound special report about BABYMETAL's concept

Rock Sound answer some common questions for those casual listeners and probably future fans of the band. The girls were interviewed to answer most of the questions. BABYMETAL Newswire did a summary of the most important of this great report + interview with BABYMETAL girls. Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal talk with Rock Sound Magazine about the BABYMETAL concept in depth with great details and seriousness. Please read below and check the captures too. 

Pretty much everyone's heard them by now, but how much do we actually know about the Japanese phenomenon? Despite seeing them live, listening to the music and trying to get our heads around it all, we're still none the wiser, so it's high time we went digging for answers... 

-Who are they? 

-Genre boundaries be damned

Moametal: "All we strive to do is be the only ones, and we want to continue what we believe in. The reaction from people has been positive and negative, but that does not defer us from our path. As long as there are some people who accept us for who we are and what we do, that is enough."

-What's up with the FOX GOD?

Su-Metal: "We have never met the FOX GOD before. But we really believe that the FOX GOD exits. We have seen and experienced so many things that we could never have imagined before, and that proves to us there is a bigger power looking over us - the FOX GOD is with us."

-Who is Kobametal?

-The Internet is their friend

Su-Metal: "The best thing about BABYMETAL is our stage performance. Come watch us and you will understand what BABYMETAL is all about... Thre is nothing i can say in words that will help explain what we do."

-They are a festival must see

-They've got some pretty famous fans

Yuimetal: "We are honored to be able to meet so many legendary metal bands and musicians and so many of them have been so positive towards us. They are also such nice people. i am just happy i have the chance to watch the perform on stage, because one day BABYMETAL wants to be where they are today."

-There's a message in their music

Su-Metal: "I sometimes receive fan mail from troubled tweenagers telling us that they are being consoled by our music and by what we do as BABYMETAL. That we give them hope. To know that we have that impact on their lives make me want to work hard in what i do, because the three of us also look at each other for support. If what we do helps others, then it feels like we are doing something right." 

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