BABYMETAL about music, food, tourism and lyrics in talk with Ochacaffe from Italy

BABYMETAL was interviewed before the show in Bologna, Italy at the Estragon Club on June 5. BABYMETAL performed as opening act for NipPop, a Japanese culture event. The girls talked with K-bleJungle in collaboration with Ochacaffe from Ital about music, their favorite foods, tourism and lyrics. Watch the full interview below. 

BABYMETAL interviewed by K-bleJungle in Bologna, Italy 

During their stay in Italy as part of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015, the girls were interviewed by K-bleJungle in collaboration with Ochacaffe before the show at Estragon Club in Bologna. A very long interview (almost 20 minutes) where the girls talk about several topics like music (Lady Gaga, Metallica), but also about tourism (Su-Metal makes mention to Hiroshima), their favorite foods (Yuimetal of course talks about tomatoes, Su-Metal about cheese and Moametal as always likes everything). 

Also the girls share their thoughts about more serious topics as their best and worst moments performing live. 

Really good interview, during a really hot day on June 5 in Italy. 

To watch the interview with english subtitles please activate the [CC] option. We recommend to pay attention because the subtitles are not very well sycronized. Enjoy!