APTV Interviews BABYMETAL: "No thinking! Just feeling!"

BABYMETAL was interviewed in United States while their stay in Columbus for Rock On The Range Festival in May. The girls were interviewed to talk about the experience in the Festival, their thoughts about performing with Slipknot and Judas Priest, the difference of performing indoor and outdoor and much more. Watch the full interview below! 

BABYMETAL interviewed in United States by APTV

Alternative Press TV interviewed BABYMETAL during their stay in United States in Columbus, Ohio after the band's performance at Rock On The Range Festival. 

In the interview, Yuimetal talks about the reaction of the audience during their performance. Moametal about performing with bands like Judas Priest at Rock On The Range. While Su-Metal about what they have been experiencing of the American culture, the preparations and preparation differences between indoor and outdoor shows and finally Su-Metal does a sum up of the BABYMETAL performance.