Billboard Japan: BABYMETAL the first Japanese artist to receive a Kerrang Award

BABYMETAL won "The Spirit Of Independence Award" in the Kerrang Awards 2015 in England (Report Here) and Billboard Japan did a report about the event and also confirmed that BABYMETAL is the first Japanese artist to receive a Kerrang Award. Read their report translated below. 

Billboard Japan News: "BABYMETAL received Kerrang Award 2015" 

On 11 June, in Troxy, England, where the ceremony was held, BABYMETAL received The Spirit of Independence Award. The "KERRANG! AWARD 2015" was organised by "KERRANG!", a Magazine in England and this award is given to the artist who are full of the spirit of independence. After the award presenter, Young Guns, gave the introduction and the introduction video came up, members of BABYMETAL got up on stage and they were welcomed by big big cheer and handclap. Su-metal, the vocalist, received the award happily and said in English to the audience " BABYMETAL will be back to England again in August".

Now BABYMETAL is on the road doing their "BABYMETAL World Tour 2015". On 21 June, they will be holding by far their biggest concert in Makuhari Messe and all the tickets are already sold out. In addition, this concert will also be broadcasting live in cinemas. BABYMETAL's momentum is getting bigger and bigger and people are full of expectations for their future move.

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Translation by: Redeared_Slider