Rinon Isono talks about Moa, Yui, Suzuka and Road Of Resistance

The Sakura Gakuin Students Council President Rinon Isono, on May 29 wrote a Diary to talk about "The Graduates" when she makes mention to BABYMETAL, their new song Road Of Resistance and her talks with Suzuka, Moa and Yui. Rinon mentioned the talks with the girls while they are overseas. Read her diary translated below. 

2015.05.29 - Rinon Isono diary called: "The Graduates"

I am Rinon-desu.

This time, I want to write about our graduates.

First, about BABYMETAL.

Recently, I've got into a song 'Road of Resistance'! Especially, I love the part they sing along with the audience "Woh Woh..." And I love the line 'Our hearts are one. If you believe in your way, go on even the way without a path!'. I can always smile my best by remembering this line.

Moa always give me an advice and encourage me! BTW, look at this photo...Moa sent me this photo with a phrase 'This is American cherry blossom'. Is American cherry blossom really like this?

Yui e-mailed me from Mexico everyday Because of the time difference, I was liable to make slow reply. (Laughs)

Yui also gave me a voice message.


Su-san, the 2nd president often tells me 'At first, Suzuka was also full of worries. So, Rinon, you can do it. Everything will be all right'. lol Su-san addresss me by my first name only...she calls every sakura girls (current and graduates) but me with -chan or -san. I'm very very glad for that!

Smile your best in your World Tour. Please keep in touch.

Next, about .

Marina-chan and Hinata-chan of Maboroshi☆Love are my partner of Science Club.

I was younger than them, and was inferior in singing and dancing. In my first club activity, I was a cause of their trouble. But a teacher said to me that Rinon had improved a lot because of Science Club. I was really glad to hear that. I wish to play Science Club performance again together with you two.

Hinata-chan! Smile your best in the theatrical performance in this summer.


And about Night of Spica.

I bought the song of Night of Spica at iTunes store! The PV of the song was made by Rinon's adoring Siro A-san Rau-chan was pleased with my becoming the president as if that had happened to her. Thank you!!

Then, about the JK in Ibaraki.


When I sent a congratulation mail on her birthday, she replied 'I'll smile my best in my 17th year!'. lol If I get a chance, I'll call on Nene-don.


Wow, there are really lots of graduates of Sakura Gakuin. (Laughs) I want to write about other graduates next time!

Translation by: Onji Kobe.