BABYMETAL on Rolling Stone: "One day we'll play with Metallica"

Rolling Stone Italy interviewed BABYMETAL in Italy before their show at Estragon Club in Bolgona (past June 5) to talk about their project, how born BABYMETAL, if they really like metal or their are just marketing, the experience at Sonisphere Festival in 2014, their gigs in Germany and a last message for the Italian fanbase before the show. Interview translated below. 

BABYMETAL exclusive interview on Rolling Stone Italy

They knew nothing about metal, now they are powerful. A couple of words with the most controversial phenomenon in the world of heavy metal. Play in June for the first time in Italy. 

At first glance it seems the usual project created to make money with a little of substance, but reading the numbers (10 singles in Top 10, 25 million views, sold out bursts) and feeling the music (Gimme Chocolate is a bloody saber covered with caramel), we understood that the three girls are ready to mess up the monolitic world of metal. 

Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal have been "discovered" by Kobametal (aka Key Kobayashi), manipulative genius who sensed the potential explosive union of kawaii pop noisy and pounding and has seen fit to recruit the best of Japanese metal to compose the torpedoed unpronounceable which is "Ijime, Dame, Zettai". 

No sign of the horns by BABYMETAL, better is the Fox Sign that becomes the trademark of a band that miraculously unites under the banner of "metal" teenagers heris of Hello Kitty and bearded leather dresses. 

After appearances at the Sonisphere and in the Lady Gaga's tour, the metallers featuring manga published the self-titled debut album (on May 29). They come for first time to Italy tonight, at Estragon in Bolgona. 

How is born BABYMETAL?

Su-Metal: "It was the work of the gods, Fox God has found us and turned us into BABYMETAL, the group that will resurrect the metal and will satisfy fans around the world in serach of redemption."

But you really like metal or it's just Marketing?

Su-Metal: "Before we began this adventure we had no idea what was metal, but now we listen everything from Pop to Heavy Metal and we love Metallica!"

Three pretty girls in front of an audience of diehard metalheads, how did it go at Sonisphere?

Su-Metal: "It was the first time for us on a stage so important, a great festival with a long history. Of course we were nervous. But then the audience reaction has been more and more enthusiastic and the fear was gone. Japanese fans sing with us because they understand the lyrics, but despite the language problem the audience climbed choris and hands to heaven with our sign for recognition (Fox Sign)."

The most fun place where you played?

Moametal: "We have not been yet in Italy, but Germany has given us a lot of heat from different points of view: climate, venues, and audience!"

One day, you share the stage with...

Moametal: "Metallica."

A message for metal fans in search of redemption.

Yuimetal: "We can tell to our italian fans that will meet for the first time that we can not wait to play there, the best thing of BABYMETAL is the show and then enjoy!"

Translation by: Maik Gianino.