Sakura Gakuin Transfer Student Orientation live stream details

Sakura Gakuin announced the details of the live stream of the new event "Transfer Student Orientation" to tak place at the Mt. Raiiner Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure next June 7. Below the details translated of the live stream and performance. 

Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2015 Transfer Student Orientation live stream 

It was announced on today`s regular live streaming program `Sakura Gakuin`s afterschool! Learning on Monday!` program that on June 7th (Sunday) the [Sakura Gakuin 2015 ~ Transfer Student Orientation~] will be held at the Mt. Rainer Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure. 


This is to announce the live streaming of that event.

(Outline of the streaming)

Medium for streaming: TV Asahi Video


Date of streaming:

1. Performance: 2015 June 7 (Sunday) 2 PM ~ (undecided)

2. Performance: 2015 June 7 (Sunday) 6PM ~ (undecided)


Fees for live streaming:

Each performance: Advanced sales, Day of event sales: 150 Medals (not including tax 1,500 yen)

*For both advanced sales and day of event it will be possible to view in the archives following the conclusion of the event until 2015 June 14 (Sunday) 11:59 PM

*Archive viewing will be available about 60 minutes after the transmission.


Period of sales:

2015 June 1 (Monday) 8PM ~ sales begin

Advanced sales: June 1 (Monday) 8PM ~ June 6 (Saturday) 11:59 PM


Viewing environment:

Computer/Smart phone (iPhone, Android)/Tablet (iPad, Android)

*There may be changes made to the preceding information.

*Please refer to the streaming site for updates and details.


To inquire to TV Asahi Video:

Translation by: Thomas Malone