BABYMETAL on Metallus It about Budokan, Dragonforce and critics

BABYMETAL was interviewed on Metallus It from Italy to talk about their performance at the Nippon Budokan in March 2014, their collaboration song with Dragonforce "Road Of Resistance", playing instruments in the future and what they think about critics on BABYMETAL's music. Full interview translated below. 

BABYMETAL interviewed on from Italy before their show in Bologna

Since they started to draw attention even here BABYMETAL whipped out a great uproar. Almost a manichean division between people who cheer them with fondness and people who consider them a true insult to heavy metal and its rigid rules. Still the metal world is not totally new to absurd combination and stage choices particularly kitsch. Maybe the secret lies in enjoying without taking themselves too serious. Let's see what the 3 little japanese girls have to say, with an incoming show in our country that promises to be a little event, to promote their debut album "BABYMETAL"

You are one of the youngest band to have performed at Budokan. More or less the temple of rock and metal music. What can you say about that experience so important for young girls like you?

SU-METAL: "Since I was just a child, I had been dreaming to perform at Budokan. Never ever I would have thought that the dream would have come true. But we did it and hearing the voices of the fans all around us was incredible. Something was saying us that it was true, we was really playing at Budokan!!! It was simply fantastic."

What you do in the band is singing and dancing, but do you think that one day we could see some of you playing some instrument?

MOAMETAL: "Don't get your hopes up! But when we talk each other, we are used to say that we would love to play some instruments. But for now we are focused on our roles of singers and dancers, and among the other things, we have to go to school. But in the future, if an occasion will happen, we would like challenge ourselves and try new things."

Where the idea of Kitsune was born? And, about Megitsune and its lyrics, what do you think about the role of the women in the japanese society, from the point of view of young women like you?

YUIMETAL: "While we was practicing dance, someone showed us the typical horns sign, but back then we didn't know anything about heavy metal, and at first we confused that with the fox sign. Since then it has been staying with us. About Megitsune, the song is about how the women can be strong, even when they are dragged in pain or sadness, and how they succeed anyway to smile without showing any concessions."

How was it working with Dragonforce? Was it a nice experience? Do you think you could make a similar collaboration with other bands in the future?

MOAMETAL: "We met Dragonforce a couple of times, and when I was told that we were going to work with them I was totally enthusiast. Thanks to their technical skills we have been able to write an amazing song, that I really like a lot. We don't know whom or when a similar collaboration will be possibile with, but if I could pick one artist, then I would say that I would love to work with Metallica! I would like to work also with Taro Hakase, an incredible japanese violinist."

How is your relationship with western fans? Did you notice any difference with japanese crowds?

YUIMETAL: "I think that overseas fans and japanese fans are the same, if we are speaking about their reaction to our music and what we are doing on the stage. The only difference, maybe, is that the moments of the show in which they are more excited are a little bit different."

As it happens to many successfull bands, you lure a lot of critics. Is there anything you would like to say to your detractors to explain your music and make them change their idea about you?

SU-METAL: "I want just to say that we have been learning a lot about metal in these years and we are constantly searching new things we can succeed as BABYMETAL. Some people don't consider us as a metal band, but if you ask us our genre only belongs to us, it's BABYMETAL! We will keep on working hard to grow and improve and we hope that there will be more and more people who will support us in what we are doing!"



Interview translated by: Damiano Siviero.

Neswire Note: About the question "How was it working with Dragonforce?" We think that who answered the question was Su-Metal not Moametal as Metallus published because she (Suzuka) answered that question in previous interviews.