Report & Photos: 2015.05.26 - BABYMETAL Album release in Mexico

The BABYMETAL album including the Bonus Tracks (Road Of Resistance, Gimme Chocolate Live) was released in Mexico 20 days before the date announced officially. In collaboration with BABYMETAL Fans Mexico we brought to you a report plus photos of the release date across the country. 

Report of the BABYMETAL album release date in Mexico 


The album was originally announced to be released on June 16 through MixUp Stores in Mexico (equivalent to Tower Records) and since May 15 could be pre-ordered online. 

Other Mexican Stores like Sanborns and Sears released the Album on May 26 and May 27. Sanborns has 180 subsidieries around Mexico including a few in Center America, while Sears has around 75. According to our reporter from Mexico, the sales are going really good and a 25% discount on Sanborns is helping the good sales pace. 

Album price in Mexico, from $9,19USD to $12,29USD


Photos below from Fans in Mexico.