Su-Metal on Augsburger: "Metal, to me, is something irreplaceable"

Suzuka Nakamoto Su-Metal was interviewed on Augsburger Allgemeine from Germany to promote their shows in Germany at Rockavaria and Rock Im Revier. Suzuka talks about their beginnings in metal, her family reaction with the first Doki Doki Morning demo, the German audience, her thoughts about Metal music and more. Really good interview translated below. 

Metal from cute japanese (girls), this says BABYMETAL before the concert

Cute schoolgirls from Japan play heavy metal and dance while doing so - BABYMETAL is probably the craziest band at Rockavaria. We have talked to the lead singer. From Sascha Geldermann.

The japanese girls from BABYMETAL are going to be at the Rockavaria festival in Munich today.

The two youngest of the 3 japanese girls were just ten years old when their producer decided to create the band BABYMETAL. Half a decade later they've won fans even from Europe with their mixture of heavy metal and cute pop music - and will, together with their band, perform at Rockavaria in Munich this friday around 7 PM. We've talked to the 17-year-old lead singer about the probably most curious band at the festival.

You were incredibly young in 2010 and suddenly people expected you to play a mixture of japanese pop and heavy metal, even though you didn't even know what metal was. How did you react when you heard about the concept of BABYMETAL for the first time?

Su-Metal: "Back then, we've heard a demo of our first song "Doki Doki Morning", that already mixed pop and metal. Then they told us to perform the song. Honestly, I first thought: "What's that?", but the rhythm was very energetic, and I thought one could dance well to that. So we did a temporary choreography and danced."

How did your friends and family react?

Su-Metal: "In the beginning they were shocked. But then they danced and singed along, and had a lot of fun with it."

That's what the name BABYMETAL stands for.

Five years later you're already succesful outside Japan. Has metal become your passion?

Su-Metal: "Metal, to me, is something irreplaceable, that always gives me something new to discover."


Is the name "BABYMETAL" an allusion to your age?

Su-Metal: "No, BABYMETAL defines the birth of a new kind of metal music."


Last year you've played in Cologne, that was your first time in Germany. Are the concerts in Europe different from the concerts in Japan?

Su-Metal: "In Cologne there were a lot of men who looked evil - that was different from Japan. I was terrified at first. But then they created such a good atmosphere, I then had lots of fun!"


What impression in general do you have from the German fans?

Su-Metal: "I still can vividly remember how the men in Cologne danced to our song "Doki Doki Morning" and even did the "ring ring ring" part. The fans are different in every country. That perfectly matches our music, as we also mix different things. (genres)"


What can the people today at the Rockavaria expect from you?

Su-Metal: "We and our music have the most (best) charm at concerts. Our performances are very varied and always different. We are already excited and look forward to the concert at the Rockavaria."


Translation by: Datguy98

Special thanks to: Hafiz Ahmad