BABYMETAL answer questions from fans on FUSE TV

Maria Sherman from FUSE TV interviewed BABYMETAL with questions sent by fans on Twitter. The girls talked about the success of their album overseas, the experience with Lady Gaga and what they learned from her, their favorite artists, the difference between performing in Japan and in other parts of the world, Metallica and much more. Read the full interview below. 

FUSE TV: Babymetal Answer Your Fan Questions!

The Japanese metal trio schooled us on touring, Lady Gaga, American audiences, the worst show they've ever played and more.

Nothing can stop Babymetal. The Japanese trio's quirky mix of bubblegum pop melodies and heavy-as-hell music has sent them around the world, earning co-signs from Lady Gaga and Metallica. Next month will see the physical release of their self-titled album—America's highest-selling LP from Japan back in 2014.

Fuse reached out to some of the biggest supporters from Babymetal's international fanbase to see what they wanted to know about the mysterious act. Read on below for what Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal had to say about their dream tour partners, pre-show rituals, advice for hopeful metal stars and more.

Last year was huge for you—you had the best selling Japanese album in America, you went on tour with Lady does it feel?

Su-Metal: "Thinking back in the last year, we can't believe it all happened. First thing, we didn't even know we had fans outside of Japan. The album being released only in Japan, the album was not available worldwide, and doing so many festivals and touring with Lady Gaga—we never imagined this is where we would be today. Thanks to happened last year, we've learned so much. Last year we were able to learn things about the world through all the experiences that we had. We're happy."

Did you learn anything from Lady Gaga?

Yuimetal: "When we first went over, English was kind of a barrier because of the language and differences, and what I learned from Lady Gaga is that everything is still fun. Her performance is amazing. The thing that really struck out to me is that Lady Gaga really trusts her fans. She has a special relationship with her fans regardless of how far away she was from her fans, she was able to unify them. That's something I want to learn for Babymetal, too. To be able to be on that stage in a room of that size and still be one with the fans."

What's the difference in performing in America than Japan?

Moametal: "The biggest difference between the fans in America or the fans outside Japan is that the fans in Japan sing along to what Yuimetal and Moametal does but in America or Europe, the fans are always singing along to Su-Metal.That's the biggest difference. Going to different countries, the fans are different. You see different people in different countries. We look forward to going to different cities to see who comes to our shows."

This is your second world tour. Are you playing new songs? What can we expect?

Su-Metal: "On our first world tour at the very last show in Brixton, in London, we performed a surprise song, "Road of Resistence." We premiered it there for the first time. This song "Road of Resistence" is so important because this is a new song we received from the fox god. The song is all about paving a new path for us. It's about going somewhere new and challenging ourselves for different things. This time we really practiced the dance and the song and we're looking forward to performing it on this tour."

If you could tour with anyone in the world who would it be?

Su-Metal: "Metallica. Three years ago, when we first met Metallica and were starting Babymetal, we had no idea what metal was and so Metallica was one of the first bands that introduced us to metal. One thing that really struck us was watching Metallica onstage, how amazing their show is and meeting them backstage and knowing they're nice guys. Onstage, they're totally different, like they're receiving some kind of divine power to be able to perform. We want to achieve that onstage. We also play Metallica for walk-in music before the show starts and it gets the fans crazy. Metallica is also important for our fans, to prepare the crowd for our show."

Beside Metallica what other metal bands do you like?

Yuimetal: "Iron Maiden!"

What are your favorite J-pop Idol bands?

Yuimetal: "Not a Japanese artist but I love Ariana Grande."

Have fans ever asked you for advice? If they wanted to start a metal band, what should they do?

Su-metal: "In the U.K. Magazine Kerrang! we did a special Christmas feature where we answered fan letters. There was one girl or boy were not sure, we think it's a girl. She's really into metal but none of her friends—no one likes metal. She's been trying to start a metal band and she asked Babymetal what can she do. When the opportunity comes she should come join Babymetal."

What's your favorite song to perform live?

Moametal: "Gimme Chocolate because there is a part where we can talk to the fans."

What has been your biggest challenge in being in a band? How did you overcome it?

Yuimetal: "The hardest thing I had to overcome was probably when, very long ago, three years ago, we performed in a small Japanese venue. 300 people only. The stage was super tiny, the hall was super tiny, it got so hot that I couldn't breathe. That was probably the most difficult test the fox god gave Babymetal. At that time it was very early in our activities. We didn't have that much energy yet. I wanted to leave the stage. Looking back, it's probably because of that show that I can do everything that I do now. I'm very thankful to have that experience."

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Su-metal: "We do a lot of stretches, neck stretches for headbanging. The most important thing is to create the same energy for every show, because that's when we're able to go out and meet the fans. We make sure we're all together."

Do you feel that your popularity has grown? Do the shows feel bigger?

Su-metal: "Just comparing last tour to this tour, one thing that we noticed is that people would come up to us and say, "Are you Babymetal?" It happened in an airport in Mexico. That never happens in Japan when we're not in costume. Over here, people know us."

Want to say anything to the fans?

Su-metal: "The most important part of Babymetal is our performance and we're so excited about our second world tour. We can't wait to be onstage for our fans."