BABYMETAL album review by Rock Sound Magazine: "Oodles Of Fun"

Another review coming from important Magazines, this time Rock Sound Magazine share the review of the BABYMETAL Album with another great score, 8/10. The review makes mention to "Road Of Resistance", "Gimme Chocolate" and "Doki Doki Morning". Read the review and check the scans below. Also check Metal Hammer's review HERE

BABYMETAL album review by Rock Sound Magazine July 2015: 8/10

From Rock Sound Magazine:

"Just in case you've spaced on BABYMETAL, here's a potted history of the Japanese phenomenon: three teenagers do sugary-sweet J-pop over malevolent riffs, baffle everyone and own festivals. Got it? Cool. Full to the brim of uber-technical riffs and adorable yelps from vocalists Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal respectively, debut album "BABYMETAL" is oddles of fun. A lighting-fast cameo from Dragonforce axemen Sam Totman and Herman Li cranks the absurdity levels up to 11 on bonus track "Road Of Resistance", while "Gimme Chocolate!!" and "Doki Doki Morning" are as pummelling as they are straight-up catchy. it's all completely and utterly absurd, but when as that ever been a bad thing?"

Review by: Andy Biddulph

Scans by: The Thrawn