BABYMETAL at Rock On The Range, review by: Covering The Scene

The music site "Covering The Scene" did a great review of the BABYMETAL performance at the Rock On The Range in Columbus  Covering The Scene did a song by song review of their performance on May 16 at the Ernie Ball Stage. The review compares the BABYMETAL songs with other bands like "Fear Factory", "Ministry" or Mortal Kombat. Read the review below. 

They may be young but they know what every woman wants and they sing it loud

The rain poured down for the lovely young ladies from the land of the rising sun. Babymetal, a cute (J-pop) dancing trio of the idol and metal genres fused into a newborn style. After setting records as the youngest act to play Loud Park Festival and Budokan in their homeland, Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal brought their Metal Resistance tour to Columbus. They’ve shared stages around the world with Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Carcass, also earning the praise of Metallica. That day they played with Sabaton, In Flames and Ministry among others. The Kami band came out first sporting corpse paint and looking a bit too close and creepy to The Grudge.

The three-girls and band have packed arenas, festivals and stadiums across the ocean and now Columbus and Ernie Ball have been graced with their presence. The red skirted sirens came out to the wet roars of the crowd as they playfully challenged, taking a page from Fear Factory’s “Full Metal Contact” on “Catch me if you Can.” They’re as metal as teenage girls without instruments can be singing and dancing to heavily mechanized, industrial metal with death metal growls. They are still discovering the genre their performing in, and yes, it is cute. Their show is like playing Mortal Kombat listening to Ministry with female vocals. Too bad the girls didn’t do a tune with Al later on. They amped up the dance beat and choreography on “Megitsune.” They waved the Babymetal colors high on the nine minute opus “Road of Resistance.” They may be young but they know what every woman wants and they sing it loud, “Give me Chocolate.”

Long, long ago there was a girl who stood up and fought against the power idols. Afterward, the girl’s soul became a crimson flame burning for seven days. After a sequence of foretold events occurred, the goddess veiled in holy flame shall live again. So says the oracle of “Ijime, Dame, Zettai.