BABYMETAL Album review on Metal Hammer Magazine July 2015

BABYMETAL Album was reviewed several times by UK Megazines, this is not the first time that Metal Hammer reviews "BABYMETAL", the new one comes from Jonathan Selzer of Metal Hammer Magazine with 8/10. The BABYMETAL Album will be released in June of this year including two bonus tracks "Road Of Resistance" and "Gimme Chocolate Live". Read the review and check the scans of the Magazine including a special feature about Metal God Awards. 

BABYMETAL Album reviewed on Metal Hammer with 8/10 

Excerpt of the full review from Metal Hammer, full review available in the scans below:


"Japanese pop/metal idols finally get a UK release.


Seeing as there is nothing a metalhead loves more than to argue over what is and what is not metal, BABYMETAL are a gift from the (fox) gods, no matter where you stand on them. Of Couse, if you 're going to hold three young girls formation-miming their love of chocolate to the same light you'd hold Behemoth then the chances are you're somewhere on the response spectrum between exasperated and enraged, sick of having the term 'metal' co-opted by people who have never shown a moment's interested in the genre's rich lineage, and now having to watch that process get taken another step too far by explicitly manufactured band. That sings about chocolate...


But now with the full UK release, BABYMETAL are firmly in our midst, and everyone should start adjusting their mindsets now. 

As anyone who loves Manowar, Immortal, Devin Townsend, Angel Wtich or any band who believes that heavy metal finds its true expression beyond the confines of the mnundan will readily attest, absurdity is hardly a foreing concept in our world, and BABYMETAL doesn't sand or fall on how heavy it is (and very often it is very heavy), but how much it liberates that impulse, and here it runs amok.


This is an albu mthat, in its own technicolour way, is a celebration of something giddy and heedless that resonates with the metal world's wilder impulses. You'll enjoy BABYMETAL at your peril, but then surely that's all the more reason to do it."


Read the full review of the BABYMETAL debut album in United Kingdom by Metal Hammer's editor Jonathan Selzer below.