BABYMETAL interview on TGCom24: "BABYMETAL music has become a universal phenomenon"

BABYMETAL was interviewed on TGCom24 from Italy to promote their show in Bologna, Italy next June 5 at Estragon Club. The girls were asked to talk about their beginnings with BABYMETAL and their beginnings in the heavy metal world. Also how was the tour with Lady Gaga and what they expect for their concert in Italy. Interview translated below. 


BABYMETAL A violent pop wave: "Heavy Metal scared us, but it makes us unique."

The phenomenon BABYMETAL will arrive in Italy. The trio of young girls singing pop melodies that could be read as initials of a cartoon based on violent Heavy Metal arrive here after conquering Japan and the US. The eponymous album comes out May 29 and they will hold a concert at Estragon in Bologna,Italy on June 5. "The metal world scared us at first", they tell Tgcom25, "but now we know we created something original."

Sometimes you just dare and put together what at first glance might not seem to go together, ever. So Kobametal, a mysterious Japanese producer, has seen fit to take three girls (Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal) who had barely even heard of Heavy Metal and have them sing ultrapop kawaii melodies on songs that refer to Heavy Metal. A gamble? Maybe. The fact is that the crowd went nuts.

Japan is where the idol phenomenon has gigantic proportions, but it is not just there. Among their admirers are Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and Slash (of Guns and Roses). Lady Gaga invited them to open a few US shows of her "ArtPop Tour" in the US even. Now they try to conquer the Italian audience.

"I can't imagine that we are facing a new World Tour", says Su-metal, "but reading the comments from the audience and repeating our choreography on YouTube, we are learning that BABYMETAL music has become a universal phenomenon."

You are able to export a formula that seemed destined only to the Japanese market. How do you explain this?

Su-metal: "We are imaginary characters mixing kawaii and metal. What emerges is a unique kind of music and we hope to continue to find our originality. That's probably what the fans love."

You said that before joining the band you didn't know precisely what the metal world was. How do you feel now?

Su-metal: "At the beginning I must confess that I was a bit scared. But fans have started to send me CD's and then with the first performances at festivals, I got to learn a lot about the metal world. I saw the passion of those who follow it. I still have a lot to learn but I'm very interested in all that it concerns."

You were invited by Lady Gaga on her tour. How was that?

Moametal: "It was a fantastic experience. When we were told that we would tour with her I couldn't believe it. We were left speechless. We cannot deny that in the beginning we were very nervous, but within a couple of shows, thanks to the advice of Lady Gaga, it worked out great."

In June you will play in Italy for the first time. What do you expect?

Yuimetal:"We really look forward to it and we hope that the audience will appreciate our show. We don't want say much more but be prepared for some surprises. See you soon."

Translation by: Maik Gianino

Edit by: Aldo Guerra