BABYMETAL special feature on "Vertigo" from Switzerland

BABYMETAL was the special featured of the radio show from "Radio Télévision Suisse" from Switzerland. They do a special feature of 5 minutes talking about the Japanese music, specially Idol Music. BABYMETAL's outfit, Kami Band, and about BABYMETAL music written by producers. Listen the full feature (in French) and read the summary in english. 

BABYMETAL, le nouveau phénomène japonais

The presenters start off talking about what idol music is in Japan and what it means to the culture over these since it dominates the entertainment industry. They explain idol groups in very basic terms just to explain to people who may have never heard of it. They go on to talk about how their domination of the music and entertainment industries also means that the market has become stagnant. While metal and other forms of count-cultural music remained something mostly local and independently produced, the two inevitably crossed paths and that's how Babymetal came to be.

They describe Babymetal's songs usually as a Nursery Rhyme or Lullaby that quickly turns metal, which is a pretty good description.

Then they go on to explain that the girl sing & dance but don't play any instruments. They describe their outfits as being perverted schoolgirl outfits, which quite frankly just their cultural interpretation of it. Of course they mention that the Kami Band is their live band, which is as metal as metal can be, but that their songs are written and produced by other musicians that come from various backgrounds like rock and EDM.

They then talk about how Babymetal's image is as important as their music, a mix of lolita punk, goth, visual kei. They mention how they toured with Lady Gaga as welll as playing Sonicpshere(sic) in front of 60 000 hysterical metalheads, and their next tour date in Zurich as well as their album being physically released in Europe. One of the guy asks what's the average age for the concert demographics and he answers "7 to 57 year old".

Overall it's a good introduction to Babymetal for anyone who has been living under a rock and has never heard of them, and promo for their tour that is playing in Switzerland.

Summary translated courtesy of: grey_fox56