BABYMETAL interviewed and featured on ABC News Australia

BABYMETAL was featured and interviewed on ABC News from Australia. ABC news features the BABYMETAL's performance at Brixton Academy in London, interesting footage from "Apocrypha, The Black Mass" and a brief interview with the girls. Watch and read more below. 

BABYMETAL about headbanging and nerviousness before their shows on ABC News


BABYMETAL featured on ABC News from Australia about their live performances with Metallica, Iron Maiden and Lady Gaga, about the success of their viral video "Gimme Chocolate!!", and alos includes very interesting footage from "Apocrypha, The Black Mass" at Tsutaya O-East.


As part of the brief interview, Su-Metal and Yuimetal talk about their beginnings as headbangers and their nervousness before their shows even when they are used to perform in front of 50.000 people.  


Watch the full video and interview below!