BABYMETAL on Chilango: "Kitsune-Sama guide us to Mexico"

BABYMETAL was interviewed before their show at Circo Volador in Mexico by the Mexican site Chilango to talk about their first performance in Mexico, their mix with Idol and Heavy Metal, Anime and Manga but also about influence of Kitsune-Sama in BABYMETAL. Read the full interview translated below. 

BABYMETAL talks about World Tour 2015, Manga and Anime, Metal and Kitsune-Sama

The members of the Idol group BABYMETAL played in Mexico a few days ago, to start its World Tour "The Dark Knights Begin". In addition to the Aztec lands, they will also visit Canada, United States and Europe. They have performed with famous of Metal like, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax in various concerts in the world. 

Three girls are forming this group Suzuka Nakamoto "Su-Metal", Yui Mizuno "Yuimetal" and Moa Kikuchi "Moametal", who mix pop elements, idol choreographies and the proper metal music, riffs, double pedals and speed. 

The Japanese God Kitsune, the Fox God, is their source of inspiration and guidance in what they do. They come to the stage wearing masks of their God, with heavy and harmonious music and doing well sychronized choreographies. They went twice to the stage after completing their setlist and said goodbye to the Mexican fans in Spanish. Preparing with hours of anticipation, the three girls dressed with black suits and red skirts told us about their excitement of their first performance in our country at Circo Volador. 


How did come out the concept of the group? It sounds like contradictory elements. 

BABYMETAL: "Only that Fox God knows."

In Mexico there is a great love of Japanese culture. Manga, Anime and increasingly Japanese music concerts are consumed in our country. Why you decided to start your World Tour in Mexico? 

Su-Metal: "This is our first time in Mexico and we come to have lot of fun. Kitsune-Sama led us here and we are excited to play here in our second World Tour."

Heavy metal is a music dominated by white men, what is your difference with these groups? 

Yuimetal: "The main difference is that we are women, and there are just a few groups represented by women in the Heavy Metal scene and possibly other bands don't dance. It is our way to express our lyrics and dancing. We are a fusion between Idol and Heavy Metal."

What influence does Kitsune-Sama (Fox God) in the group?

Moametal: "The Fox God gives us many messages, revelations, in all the activities we have as group. It is thanks to Kitsune-Sama that we have all of these experiences and visit all these countries. He is who makes us continue as BABYMETAL."

What Manga or Anime do you like?

Su-Metal: "Love Live and Psycho-Pass."

Yuimetal: "I don't have enought time to watch Anime, but when i was younger watched Tokyo Mew Mew."

Moametal: "I really like Anime, but i recommend to foreing fans Doraemon."


Translation by: Maik Gianino.