Takayoshi Ohmura Guitar Seminar at Ochanomizu BIGBOSS

BABYMETAL Kami Band member Takayoshi Ohmura did a special Guitar Seminar at Ochanomizu BIGBOSS. Almost two hours of great music by the BABYMETAL's "God Of Guitar" accompanied by his great fried Kuze. Watch the whole seminar below.

Takayoshi Ohmura Guitar Seminar with Kuze at BIGBOSS

Takayoshi Ohmura did one of his last Guitar Seminars before the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 at Ochanomizo BIGBOSS new building for ESP accompanied of his good friend and Kuze Atsushi from Concerto Moon

The 2 hours event was live streamed on Nico Nico Douga, where Takayoshi Ohmura played several songs to show his guitar techiniques and KEMPER gear effects. Also along with Kuze did commentaries about techiniques, guitars and answered questions from attendees at the venue and from the Nico Nico Douga's chat room. 

Ohmura performed with his guitars Gold-Chan, Pink-Chan and his new guitar SNAPPER Ohmura Custom. While Kize Atsushi sang several songs while bass and drums backtrack helped Ohmura and Kuze to play the songs.  

Takayoshi Ohmura performed partially five BABYMETAL songs, "Megitsune", "Akatsuki" and "Road Of Resistance", "Mischief Of The Metal Gods" the Kami Band instrumetal usually played before "Akumu No Rondo", "Yon No Uta". 

Watch the full Ohmura-San Guitar Seminar below, will worth every second! 

Guitar Seminar Part 1

Guitar Seminar Part 3

Guitar Seminar Part 5

Guitar Seminar Part 2

Guitar Seminar Part 4

Guitar Seminar Part 6

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Report by: Maik Gianino

Videos courtesy of: Water_S