BABYMETAL interviewed on Excelsior: "We follow no one"

BABYMETAL was interviewed on from Mexico to promote their show in Mexicy City at Circo Volador next May 9. The show will be the start of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015. The girls talk about their show in Mexico, their interest to do tourism in the country and being able to talk spanish during the show. Also they talk about the BABYMETAL's adventure since 2010, metal music and more . Interview translated below. 

BABYMETAL interviewed on Excelsior from Mexico

Mexico City, May 4th. - Su-Metal, Yui-Metal, Moa-Metal are 3 teenagers from Japan whom, interested in expressing their emotions and thoughts, have managed to harmonize J-Pop with Heavy Metal, achieving a very particular signature which has taken them to conquer the world as Babymetal.

They are barely over 17, and not even 5 years into their career, but every time they go up on stage they sound like a furious sound army which will start their world tour, "The Dark Knights Begin", this Saturday May 9th at Circo Volador in Mexico City.

"We've never been to Mexico before and I can barely believe we have followers over there! But we are truly excited of being able to play there, I believe I will study a bit of Spanish so I can communicate with our fans in Mexico", explained Su-metal, vocalist of Babymetal, in interview with Excelsior.

"It is amazing being able to go to Mexico. I want a hat, I want to take a picture with it in a touristic place of the city while wearing a poncho and holding a maraca with a cactus in the background!" excitedly says Yui-metal, also a vocalist of the band.

With powerful childish voices traveling at high speed and contrasting the chords in every tune, Babymetal has got million of visits in each of their videos in the band's channel on YouTube.

Under the oversight and care of producer Kobametal, the band was formed in early 2010, as a sub-unit of the successful female group Sakura Gakuin. With the vision of mixing 3 sweet-looking girls with the strident sounds of the genre, the producer's project, which releases its first album in February 2014 (it comes out in Mexico at the end of this month) has sold over 100 thousand physical copies.

"It is amazing to know how well people receive us, I don't quite know why this is happening, but I believe people feel excited about the birth of new stuff and in particular of the things we have created", explains Moa-metal, singer of the group.

"I never imagined this would happen. I'm always surprised by the revelations of the Fox God and this truly makes me very happy" Yui-metal added.

According to the various biographies of the group, Babymetal was created after the Fox God (also known in Japan as the Kitsune) appeared in a dream and told the girls they had to create a band.

The Kitsune is the great inspiration of Babymetal and it permeates every detail conforming the band's concept, from the sounds incorporated in every song to the design of the dresses the girls use in each of their shows.

"It was the Fox God who created Babymetal, since he came to us in a dream and told the 3 of us we had to form the band. All we do is follow His words and it is He who has taken us to where we are today", Su-metal explains.

Five years ago, in 2010, when Babymetal's adventure started, Su-Metal (Suzuka Nakamoto), Yui-Metal (Yui Mizuno) and Moa-Metal (Moa Kikuchi) made no input in regard to their musical influences, since the project was on a genre neither of the girls knew of.

"I had never listened to Metal before and when I did it was a real shock to me. I remember thinking 'Wow, music like this really exists?' In Babymetal we struggle to make it something unique, because it is really something important to us, we follow no one, since we try very hard to make it something never done before", Su-Metal added.

The girls have managed to get the attention of the western industry and with this they have secured a place in the main metal festivals in the United States and Europe.

After their visit to Mexico, Babymetal will be part of the line ups of festivals like Rock On The Range, in Columbus, Ohio; Rock Avaria, in Munich, and Rock In Vienna, Germany, as well as Reading fest in Leeds, England, where they will share stage with bands like Judas Priest, Metallica, Kiss, Faith No More, Limp Bizkit and Bring Me The Horizon.

Translation by: Daniel Fuentes from Babymetal Fans Mexico.