BABYMETAL 4th most popular Japanese artist on Spotify

According to the list published on April 23 by the Japanese site Tunecore, BABYMETAL reached the position number 4 as the most popular Japanese Artist in Music on Spotify. Learn more about Spotify and BABYMETAL below courtesy of our collaborator Hitoshi Sugioka

BABYMETAL Top 5 of the most popular Japanese artists on Spotify

The Japanese site Tunecore did an analysis of the first part of the year in Japan before the Golden Week break to analyze which are the most popular artists in music on Spotify

Starting from Tunecore's list, it's time to talk about Spotify. If you never heard about Spotify, it's a company stablished in Sweden with more than 45 million active free users and 15 million active paying members. Spotify it is available for PC, Smartphones and Tablets, you can get it HERE (Click on red button). 

Besides Spotify isn't a service available in Japan, the japanese music delivered on Spotify is limited, because sometimes artist and sometimes music lables are not very interested to reach overseas listeners, that is why is very important to know what is the pure interest in Japanese music from overseas listeners. 

Spotify pays artist for each song played by users, but more important for artist is being played and reaching the status of "viral", that will help them to be featured on main banners, Spotify ads between songs, etc. At the end of the day, promotion may be more useful that money gained thanks to the songs played because the artist reach a higher level of listeners and potential fans.. 

Thanks to the following list made by the Japanese site Tunecore, we can realize that BABYMETAL reached the Top 5 as the most popular Japanese artists on Spotify before the official kick off of the BABYMETAL World Tour next May 9 at Circo Volador in Mexico



1) Ryuichi Sakamoto - 52.3k Followers

2) Joe Hisaishi - 50k Followers

3) One Ok Rock - 38.6k Followers

4) BABYMETAL - 30.1k Followers

5) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - 28.2k Followers

6) Mono - 21.9k Followers

7) Nujabes - 21.5k Followers

8) DJ Krush - 21.5k Followers

9) Utada - 18k Followers

10) Toe - 16.2k Followers

(K represent Thousands of Followers)


The BABYMETAL Senpais, Perfume at the moment are in posistion number 14 with 12.8k, this means Amuse artists One Ok Rock and BABYMETAL are more popular for overseas listeners on Spotify than Perfume. 

If you are a Spotify user don't forget to follow BABYMETAL, it's a very interesting way of showing support without buying their albums.