Rockin'On Magazine 15.000 Characters interview with Su-Metal

Rockin'On Magazine May 2016 release very special content about BABYMETAL including a very exclusive photoshoot (Check it out here), and 2 separate interviews, with Su-Metal and Moametal x Yuimetal. In this 15.000 characters interview with Su-Metal, she speaks about her past and present, her experience and evolution as Su-Metal, the different between Suzuka as girl and Su-Metal as monster. Full interview translated below. 


Rockin'On interview with Suzuka Nakamoto the girl & "Su-Metal" the monster

We shall start out with a super long interview with Su-Metal.

No matter how gigantic the stage or venue may be her vocal ability is so incredible that her voice spreads out equally to the farthest possible reaches. Her voice has a galant power to it that makes us the listener sit up with our backs straight at attention. There is a perception of some kind of centripetal force emanating from the stage the instant she makes her appearance. These are all aspects of of this girl who brings this very rare entity known as Babymetal into being and to whom alone these incredible powers belong. Earlier in the introduction for this publication I wrote that it is the existence of all three members that is absolutely essential but to add or expand on that I feel that it is Su-metal’s overwhelming power and abilities that must be placed first and foremost.


This article’s aim is to dive deeply and thoroughly into this girl in her role as a singer and to unravel truth behind Su-metal’s almost Miko-like (Miko-a mystical shrine maiden) way of performing and how it all fits together. Where did this greatest of all symbols of Babymetal- Su-metal, come from? As I was listening to her tell her story I was moved emotionally from beginning to end.


-Shall we start things out by talking about the album? Now that you have completed this second album, what is your state of mind at the moment?


Su-Metal: "The first album was used as kind of a business card for all of us. And since I felt that we had created an album that represented us to that level when I heard that we would be putting out a second album, speaking honestly, I felt a great deal of pressure. And so we started recording with this kind of pressure as a backdrop but I feel that this recording had even more of an unique and individualistic feel to it and the lyrics and melodies were more mature in nature and I felt that there were more aspects that approached closer to our current state of affairs. And so I felt that there were so many songs on this album that I could feel were part of my own outlook on life."


When you speak of pressure what exactly is the feeling of it on your side?


Su-Metal:"I loved the first album and there was a feeling that we are also creating new songs as we traveled around on tours for 2 years while performing these songs. In the midst of that I felt that we are creating new songs was something I felt and so I thought that each and every new song was of great importance and that they all stand for what Babymetal is all about. And so I was unsure about whether they could truly reflect the state of this new form of Babymetal and how can we show this was a bit of a source of worry. But as we went on to perform these new songs this all changed into a sense of fun and so it was only the early stages that were worrisome."


I see. The comparison between the new album and the first one and whether you can make a great new album was a source of stress. Wasn’t this a source of great stress for you?


Su-Metal:: "Hmm…let me think about this. Just taking upon the challenge of making new songs was in and of itself a source of stress. Just by performing songs over this 2 year period and fostering new songs these new songs must have a have greater quality is what is expected in the world and that pressure is there. And so I felt that in accordance with those expectations we must raise the levels of the songs."


Every time I see you perform I think the same thing, it is much more like you do not think, ‘We must perform properly as is written in some curriculum, but rather we must go beyond what we did before and how shall we do that?’ And that is how I see you doing your live performances.


Su-Metal::"When we first started Babymetal that is how we worked as hard as we could to do our shows. But now it is more a feeling of wanting to enjoy our songs as they are. It is more like we are now more able to respond to the reactions of the audience and what is more is that live shows can be really difficult (laughs). They are really tough, but since we have already overcome the difficulties of previous shows, even if we think, ‘what is this song now?’ We can now say to ourselves we have already been through all this and are now full of confidence and this confidence that comes from doing so many shows is of great importance, I think."


I will ask this simply. You do shows that make me think how in the world do you hold yourselves together through the whole show. What is it that gets you through all of this?


Su-Metal:: (laughs) "We started our shows without know much about other music or other live performances in our Babymetal performances and that is how we approached our live performances for the most part."


You were not aware of the other ways of performing but were told that your performances were incredible. Is that how it has been for you?


Su-Metal::"Yes, that is how it has been."


But what is important must be that when you realized that Babymetal has been doing the same thing as other surrounding acts, I would think.


Su-Metal::"No actually, contrary to that, when we were told that and that it was great we realized that what we do with Babymetal is something that only we can do which led to us having a great deal of confidence. And so we want to put a great deal of emphasis on this. And so, of course since we want to not lose to what we did at a live performance yesterday and do not want to be beaten by our selves of yesterday, we get stronger and stronger in our determination to keep getting better day by day."


You are a type of people who are only able to live doing your best that kind of environment.


Su-Metal::"That may just be true (laughs)."


Your default button is different from other people. We could even say that you are slightly broken (laughs).


Su-Metal::"(laughs) We performed a the Budokan and at the RokumeiKan and those two performances were really tough for the three of us. Conversely, I would like to see how things would play out if we did the same set list as we did then now. That could be a sign that I want to feel how much I myself have grown perhaps."


Are you talking about physical stamina?


Su-Metal:"I think the strongest thing is the physical side of things. We really were totally fatigued with those shows. I think the ability to have some physical power remaining is a pre-requisite to being able to being able to enjoy things."


But, of course you must get tired out. Su-Metal is human after all.


Su-Metal:: "That is true (laughs)"


It is generally thought that it is rather rather rock-ish for a band to end a concert because they have gotten all tired out. But, Babymetal differs from that way of thinking. You feel that it is more in line with your world view to show your bodily reactions as they are to the audience. It seems that you are ready to deal with those situations and feel responsible for them strongly. How is that for you?


Su-Metal::"I really feel this way. And that is that I feel like I am a totally different personality on the stage. When I exit the stage I immediately feel like something has gone away from me. And so I think that there is a separate personality that is assisting me. When I am in good condition for a live show, it feels like there is a someone or something taking me by the hand and leading me along so that all goes well. So, I feel a high sense of pride when on stage. It is as if I must carry out a mission to mysteriously be really cool on stage."


I see. Could you speak in more detail about the feeling of someone leading you when you are on stage? What kind of feeling is it?


Su-Metal::"What kind of feeling is it…..? From the middle of a show toward the end…it is like how they say that sometimes when you are running a marathon and you are really tired out but for some reason you get into a kind of high and make it through to the end faster than even the first half. It is a feeling like that I think. It may be that toward the end of a show I get into a higher state of consciousness and actually enjoy it more that usual perhaps. It is like we have made it this far so the rest will be all OK. It is like when I am singing and I think I will sing in a certain way and the voice that I thought would come out comes out exactly as I hoped. And when I am dancing I think this is how I want to dance in a cool manner and as I think that I am able to pull it off exactly as I had hoped. It is as if I am 1 or 2 seconds ahead in time watching myself making it possible for everything to go just as I want. Especially it was when we were playing at the Saitama Super Arena and when we were performing ‘Road of Resistance’ it felt like the ‘Whoa, whoa’ of the fans was totally supporting me making me feel like, ”Alright, everyone follow along with us’-that kind of feeling. I get into a place where I have a very strong feeling and from time to time there is a ‘me’ that gets enveloped in that sensation and that seems to be happening more and more recently."


I see. That is similar to this occurrence in the sports world.


Su-Metal:: "Yes, that could be the same thing."


It is reported that when Ichiro was asked why he went out of his way to hit a pitch that didn’t make it to home plate and he had to hit it after it bounced one time, he said that his body had just responded to it without his thinking about it. That seems similar to your situation. It is as if he (you) are just following through with something that has already been decided.


Su-Metal:"That’s true. And so when things have not gone well there are times I think to myself that ‘I want to get off the stage’. That seldom ever happens though. There are times when things are really tough and in the early days I had a sense of resistance against the shows we performed away from our home ground. But, even if I felt that way there I was, for some reason, back up on the stage. So, I think that there must be a ‘me’ that is like that and as I was listening to your story just now I remembered all that. It is a feeling that whatever I want to do will go off just as I want it to. When that happens it is an extremely good feeling."


When did you first ever feel that way?


Su-Metal:: "In last year’s Zepp tour. Up to that time there were instances where I would get into a good state mind and everything would go exceedingly well as if being lead by someone but it was around this time that I was able to truly understand this phenomena inside my own mind."


When you were able to understand it, how did you feel?


Su-Metal:: "I felt relieved and at ease. Since up to that point in time I could not understand why I could think things would be alright and once I was able to truly figure it out in my head I was able to say to myself, ‘Don’t forget, you are totally ready for anything’. I gained an unshakable confidence that most likely in the future there will be many occasions where everything will work out perfectly without my trying, if I can put it like that."


In the project known as Babymetal this aspect of Su-metal being led in the way you feel it is something that I feel is of great importance. Stating this simply it is as if the project itself becomes a trifling thing at the instant that you want to ‘express yourself as a you are in your individual human character’. Do you understand this point of view?


Su-Metal: "Yes, I do."


Regarding this the way you are as yourself, as ‘you’ is something that you have developed on your own. I would feel that this is exactly equivalent to having a separate personality.


Su-Metal: "That is so. There is a scene in the song ‘Doki Doki Morning’ which we were performing from the very early stages of Babymetal where we have a dance move where we lie down, right? When we first performed that song the audience got all excited when we did that, right? At that time I remember a ‘me’ that felt like, ‘OK, we did that!’. Up to that point in time I would have felt that having the audience laugh at what we did would be rather embarrassing, but that time there was a ‘me’ who was able to think it was a happy incident. At that time, I realized that there is a ‘me’ who is different from the normal, day to day, ‘me’. From that point on I started to look upon a Babymetal ‘me’ that is different from my everyday self. That feeling has not changed from that point to now, and now there is a ‘me’ that enjoys performing as that separate personality. At times I am able to view myself from a 3rd person perspective and my usual self is kind of able to design my other self you could say to do things in a more interesting manner. Doing things like this I am able to enjoy things from my side of things. Since I am now of the understanding that there are things that ‘this me’ can do there are things that most likely only this created version of myself can do. I would not go so far as to say it is a manga like character but I do at times feel that this version of myself will be completely fine with whatever she does. And so I feel that there is nothing I can not do in a live performance."


The level of trust you put in your other self is truly amazing. She is totally fine, or something like that must be the way you feel.


Su-Metal:"Yes, that is right (laughs). I think that is how I feel"


That is very perceptive. I think you are spot on with that.


Su-Metal: "When you listen to Metal it is not a listening that takes place with your ears, but is rather something that enters your heart and mind and strikes you emotionally. I think that when you listen to music with your usual approach you do so with your ears, but when you go to a live show it hits you with a stab to the heart and it flips your normal common sense on its head. And so I feels to me that this existence known as Su-Metal is a totally different type of personality that completely out of the ordinary, you see. So when I attempt to deal with this character as just another human being because she is so far removed from myself we get into fights with each other. So, rather than deal with Su-Metal in that manner if I let her have some space away from me I am able to look upon her from an objective position and even cheer her on – I am able to give her advice and support you could say. If we were one and the same person I think I would be afraid to make mistakes."


Listening to you talk right now I get the feeling that by you attempting to get this other you some space and distance from you that she must have been with you from the very first live performance, right?


Su-Metal: "Yes, I think so. It is often said that people have two faces or something to that effect, right? So, speaking in the sense of that meaning I think in my case that this other personality is my other face and I first thought that at that time."


An ordinary person would get into an internal duel in that situation. It would be like where can I go to satisfy my own desires and impulses, or something like that. But that is not the case with Su-Metal. You have a sound, healthy kind of pressure on you with a sense of responsibility. How do you think this was fostered in Su-Metal?


Su-Metal:"The instant I discovered this other face of mine, and this goes for the music that drew this out of me as well, I was thought that more than anything it was truly interesting that I have been able to see this other face. It is as if there is a monster existing in my heart and mind. I thought to myself what would happen if I were to let that monster go free. And when I let snapped it away from myself it flew off and away freely. Ever since that time she only makes her appearance in live performances. Now in her freedom she continues to grow bigger and bigger as she moves around wildly in her natural state. When I came to realize what was happening her existence came to be extremely important to me. And that is how I feel about this other entity."


I see. You have a clear sense that this existence known as Su-metal is an entity that was born out of you, correct?


Su-Metal: "Yes, that is the sense I have."


So you could say that it is not like you are acting out something that is totally unknown to you but is rather perhaps better to say that it is like a monster seed that was in you has grown to what it is now.


Su-Metal: "It is kind of like this, that this girl grows bigger bigger and stronger when she ventures to a new place, then returns to where she was and this cycle keeps repeating itself. It is a feeling kind of like that."


I would like to take this talk a step further. I think that this feeling of having a monster within you from before makes Su-Metal grow in dimension. What is it that connects you to this existence known as Su-Metal that was inside you from the outset?


Su-Metal: "I too wonder about that. This is something that I don’t really understand all that well myself. Part of it is I am able to enjoy pressure, and when there is some kind of emergency or out of the ordinary happening that occurs there is something there that I had never felt with my ordinary day to day self before. So, this feeling of being able to have fun even when playing away from Japan and being able to enjoy traveling overseas is something that I feel that I had never experienced with my usual self."


You learned that this is something to get really excited about. This must be a feeling that you could most definitely not come to just by merely singing songs as a girl on your own and that now without this you could not go on living, or that you would fall into a state where something vital is missing from your life.


Su-Metal: "Honestly the more we do live shows the more I want to keep performing. I am extremely grateful for being able to perform as Babymetal and to be able to thus meet up with this side of myself and yet every time we do a show I wonder to myself if this is OK. Meaning I worry have gotten to a place where I am not able to stop doing this. Su-Metal allows me to expel from myself the things that I don’t like that are hidden deep inside of myself along with any stress I may have – all of the things like that. So, if this girl were to hide away, and I had to return to my old self, I think it would be a really difficult thing to do."


How different are you comparing yourself before a live performance starts with how you are after it ends?


Su-Metal: "I wonder how much myself. Again my way of explaining this might sound a bit strange, but it is like if I had a clump of chocolate, a clump that was inside of me that is. That clump of chocolate would melt from the heat of the live performance and become this light, soft thing. It is a feeling kind of like that. It is like it all becomes liquified, like my heart and mind totally open up, and even though my body is totally tired out, or rather perhaps in proportion to that, my mind, heart and spirit and all that are all set totally free. Because of that I am pretty sure that the live shows get rid of my stress. Also, I feel like I have gotten stronger…when we have completed a show that is. There is a feeling of having gotten stronger by playing a fighting style of game, right? It is like that but just one rank higher. I feel that I have gotten stronger to point that if some subtitles appeared on the screen saying so, I don’t think that would be out of place (laughs)."


(Laughs)…I follow what you mean.


Su-Metal: "Especially since we started touring overseas the environment changes with each and every new venue. The way the fans get into and enjoy the songs differ and the aspects of the shows that the fans of each location find interesting also differ. I made new discoveries that some fans would find ‘this’ or ‘that’ interesting and that whole experience is a kind of a sense of a new kind of study for me. With the conclusion of each and every live performance I get a really strong feeling of having accomplished something and that is especially so for the overseas shows."


In this thing called Babymetal I feel that it would be appropriate to say that it has been your role regarding Su-Metal to stoically eliminate your own desires and wants for the overall picture. And while that is a correct interpretation of things now that Su-Metal has gotten an understanding of the underlying good feeling of her existence there must be an even furthered motivation in this direction.


And so no matter how heavy or tough of a situation you find yourself in, because you know that you will feel great after overcoming it you come to crave that feeling. I feel that that style works better as a way of explaining this perhaps.


Su-Metal: "I personally do not think I am particularly stoic. I just simply and honestly enjoy doing the live shows and they have become kind of an addiction. They may be hard and tough but because I know how incredibly wonderful is the sense of accomplishment when I have overcome those difficulties is what makes me keep going."


I think that is right. You are undertaking a strong training and so your desire to move on ahead must also be equally outrageously strong. It could be perhaps considered to be like a black hole in its level of desire.


Su-Metal: "That just might be correct (laughs). I think that that desire and craving is really big in nature."


In most cases this is referred to as talent, right? It is like even if you eat and eat you are never satisfied.


Su-Metal: "Probably it is because I have met up with the existence of music, or songs that I have been able to realize my own existence and that may be the reason that because I seen this as my life work that I have been able to come this far with it."


It is wonderful that there is this thing called singing. It is wonderful that we have songs. What do kind of person do you think you would be now if we didn’t?


Su-Metal:  "I am so glad that they exist (laughs). I am sometimes told that I am, ‘an either 0 or 100 type of person’. And I think this is exactly right. I didn’t continue on in my studies with extra-curricular classes at all and the only one I continued on with was singing. When I realized that I truly only enjoy studying singing I thought that this is the path for me. Once I realized that I totally dived into it. Recently I have really come to understand that I am a type of person who really digs into what she loves to do when she comes across it. I see only that and everything else falls by the wayside, out of sight. I think that just by nature that is the type of person that I am."


Q: Up to this point we have focused on the mental side of things, but from now I want to hear about the songs. In the truest sense the most awesome thing for you is singing, I feel. This discovery of this style of singing is the greatest weapon for Su-Metal and it has gone on to be the most interesting side of Babymetal. Were the songs of Su-metal like they are now from the very beginning?


Su-Metal: "I think from the outset, from the beginning, that they were like this. I don’t have a graspable sense of it but since I was told that I have a good vocal quality from people I feel that that may be the case. But that said, for me I am just singing in an ordinary manner from my way of thinking."


Is that said as Su-metal? Or are you singing as you yourself?


Su-Metal: "Let me think about that. When the songs veer into the realm of hot, passionate types of songs I think feeling-wise I transform into Su-metal but the vocal qualities are obviously my own from the outset. I feel that the singing ‘me’ is the real me."


In a manner of speaking that may be that you are giving permission to your own emotions or something like that.


Su-Metal:  "Yes, that sounds right. And so, said in the best sense of that meaning this existence known as Su-Metal and myself may be creating songs out of a mixed combination between the two of us."


The singing and the songs go on to become more incredible step by step. Many varied songwriters have written songs for this new album and it seems that the span of the songs has really widened when compared with the first album. Along with thinking that this is due partly because of the increased skill on the side of the persons creating the album it seems that you the singers and performers of Babymetal have rapidly changed and because of this your growth is an element that leads to the changes in the songs. The thing more than anything else that has drawn out the wonderfulness of this album is none other than the three of you. How do you feel when you have been told this?


Su-Metal: "The way I sing now compared with the say I sang when we were making the first album is different. When we were first starting out it was all I could do to just meet the demands of the Babymetal songs and doing the Babymetal live shows and I was just doing my utmost to successfully deal with the work that we had been given but now I have been able to get to a place beyond all that and now have a leeway to be able to enjoy these things. I think it is a big change to now be able to make the choreography and the way of singing more fun and enjoyable, to be able pay attention to how the fans are working with the shows and to include them to sing with us – in other words there is more a sense of play in everything now. The songs on this album have a sense of playfulness about them. I want to expand the world of Babymetal more widely. A rebirth after 2 years is what this album reflects, I think."



Putting it briefly, I feel that this album is an expression of who the three of you are. Writing music or writing songs and these kinds of things are of course important but they are not the essential core thing. It is because it is Su-Metal who is singing that these songs all come together. It is because of your singing and all that goes with it that this wonderful work of expression has been brought into existence here and now, I feel. The more the three of you grow in greatness the more the works of music that you create will advance in greatness and I feel that the three of are aware of this cycle.


Su-Metal: "The appreciation and understanding that it is an interesting process to see the music change as we continue to carry on doing live shows is something that has begun to come to fruition lately. And that is because as we travel around doing tours together with the Kami Band members, the music of the bands as well as our way of singing all changes as we move from show to show. While I don’t think there is a right way or a wrong way to perform music, I do feel that the music that we are playing now is a wonderful thing. The music on the 1st album has changed since we put it out as an album and since the music that we put out as the 2nd album will also go on to change I am of the feeling that I want to be able to enjoy that process."



Do have a sense of confidence about and an awareness of the fact that you are able to envelop the people around through your own efforts and you own performances?


Su-Metal: "Yes, I guess so. I do have a strong desire to bring people along through the power of song. This is because being at the center position when we do live performances I have the feeling that it is my role to lead on the two girls at my side, the band members, the staff and all of the fans as well. I hope that that sense of responsibility will come together with my singing and I will be able to lead all of this along as we move ahead."


Babymetal is a project that is composed of the ideas and love of a variety of people, right? But I get the feeling that somewhere inside of you you have the feeling that in the end equation that if I, Su-Metal, am stable and have my stuff together that Babymetal will be just fine. You must have a determined mindset something like that I would assume.


Su-Metal: "I do have that mindset. There is a sense of pride that goes along with taking up the center position. I surely have the sense of being supported by everyone but also I most definitely have the feeling that am in a position where I must lead everyone on as well. And also, because I have the tangible realization that I am growing and developing through the help of everyone’s power with each show that we do I also know that I must continue to grow in light of the meaning behind this."


Around when was it that you first felt this feeling that you must lead people on?


Su-Metal: "As you can probably guess it was when we did our first solo show I think. In that show we had to sing 5 songs in succession and following that in the shows in the early stages of Babymetal we would gradually get tired out during the shows and that was something that we felt quite often. On top of that the final song at that time was ‘Ijime, Dame, Zettai’ and Moametal and Yuimetal were so incredibly serious performing the fight scene at the end. When they would get to the point of being so into what they were doing that it was a question of whether they could even stand up or not that I felt I had to be strong and steadfast on my side of things. In that period before the Kami Band had joined us it was just the three of us doing all the singing and dancing and it was in that period that I was of the mindset that it was up to me to lead the other two along. Following that as the number of staff members increased and the number of fans increased and as I began to realize that I was being supported by everyone, the scale of the whole thing gradually grew bigger and bigger."


When you would get tired out and you felt things were getting tough you would see these two girls who you have to pull along giving it all they have right in front of you. And so seeing them doing their utmost best you felt you had to make even stronger efforts, right?


Su-Metal: "Yes, that is right. The year before last when we were performing at a lot of Festivals in Japan, there were many really tough situations performing under the glaring sun where they would be dancing so wild and aggressively that their shoes would fall apart or other things like that would happen. The staff would be watching over the situation from the stage wings with a look of apprehension and worry and I would be feeling the same watching them dancing in front of me on the stage, and it was at those times that even though I would feel overwhelmed or feel like giving up, seeing those two going at it at 100% that I realized that I just can not slacken up and give in to the pressure. It was from around that time that I started to get stronger."


So, do you mean to say that you began to think that you should be singing songs for other people and not for your own self?


Su-Metal: "Yes, that is right. Yes, when singing ‘Ijime, Dame, Zettai’ there were times when the strength of ‘Ijime! Dame!’ would overlay exactly with how I was feeling."


The reason I am asking you about this in such detail is because the way Su-metal resolves her mind to the task at hand or you could say how she carries the burden of this mission on her back runs on a parallel line with the story of Babymetal itself and is kind of a ledger of its growth and development, you see. In the world view of Babymetal the tale of the Metal Resistance is advancing along but at the same time there is also running alongside it the story of the growth and development of Su-metal herself and this a kind of thing that if either of these stories drop in precision the whole thing will fall apart.


Su-Metal: "Since this is a made up world there are times when I want to place myself inside this world that differs from ordinary reality and I sometimes want to run and play around inside it. I feel that after all there is someone, and I feel it is Kitsune-sama, who is pulling and leading this whole thing along. And it is all I can do just to keep up with it and not fall behind. Even at this point in time I have that kind of feeling. Since there is always some challenge at hand, even if I think I have overcome one of the tasks there is always a new one that pops up. I think that it is kind of a rule that we must live by and that is that we must keep running ahead."


Speaking from my perspective I would say that it is not that you have become who you are because there is rule like that, but rather it is because you are the kind of person you are that has brought this rule into existence. (laughs)

Moving on, for you what is the newest thing in the ‘Metal Resistance’?


Su-Metal: "I would say, ‘Road of Resistance’. Ever since encountering this song my sense of responsibility has gotten larger, and I think I have become more of an adult by singing this song. I am of the feeling that this song mirrors exactly what kind of situation I find myself in at the present. Last year we carried out our activities centering on the theme of traveling down this pathless road, the ‘Road of Resistance’ as we pioneered a new path for us. You know, I listen to ‘Road of Resistance’ in my daily life as it is a piece of music that really encourages me. I think it is a song that is extremely symbolic of Babymetal at the moment. Also, since it is a song that is able to grant me a mysterious sense of confidence that makes me feel if we jump on the sense of speed of this song that we will be able to go anywhere we like. When I listen to the lyrics of ‘Road of Resistance’ they seem be a bit of an exaggeration but actually that is not so because here I am in a place and situation that is not an exaggeration. I feel like it expresses who I am. I think that the world view of this song is one that is a theme of a time similar to that of the era of the warring states in Japan. But differing from that time, this is not about a anguishing type of battle but rather a battle that we fight so that all of us can become as One, you could say. A sense of accomplishment comes into being when we overcome some kind of difficulty and because we have overcome obstacles together we can all become a unified One. Thinking along those lines that is probably why I always think that performing live shows is kind of like fighting a battle.. I totally trust her."


You trust her and you have opened your heart and mind totally to this existence known as Su-metal and you must really like this Su-metal figure. You must also have the sense on your end of wanting to make this character into the strongest Su-Metal possible. Why is it do you think that you have become a person who enjoy this situation?


Su-Metal: "I wonder why that is myself. But, recently I think to myself that perhaps that Metal is that kind of thing."





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