BABYMETAL supporting Mikiko-Sensei "Mosaic" Premiere

On April 25, April 26 and April 27 at Aoyama Spiral Hall took place Mikiko's "Mosaic" dance event of her company ELEVENPLAY. 

The Dance Installation Event "Mosaic ver 1.5" received a great surprises by Ayami Muto, BABYMETAL and Sakura Gakuin, more details below. 

Mikiko releases "Mosaic, Dance Installation Event Ver 1.5" 

Mosaic, it's represented by the dance, theater, media art company lead by the BABYMETAL, Sakura Gakuin and Perfume's choreography Mikiko (Mikiko-Metal on BABYMETAL) ELEVENPLAY. According to critics Mosaic reaches a completely new levels beyond the existing space. 

After BABYMETAL's presentation at Tsutaya O-East for Apocrypha's events "The Black Mass" and "The Red Mass" at Tsutaya O-East, was shared the following photo via Sakura Gakuin's Twitter showing the gifts sent by the Mikiko's students, Ayami Muto (ex Sakura Gakuin Student Council President), BABYMETAL and Sakura Gakuin to celebrate Mosaic's premiere on April 25 at Aoyama Spiral Hall. 

For more details about ELEVENPLAY and Mosaic please visti:

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