Fan Review: BABYMETAL "Apocrypha, The Red Mass, Megitsune Only" at Tsutaya O-East 

The BABYMETAL fan "@korino_gb_mwam" on Twitter shared her experience at the first BABYMETAL show only for "Megitsune" (female fans only) at Tsutaya O-East on April 24, as part of the Apocrypha's Event "The Red Mass". Very detailed review about one of the best initiatives made by BABYMETAL, "The Red Mass". Read her experience below. 

BABYMETAL "Apocrypha, The Red Mass, Megitsune Only" 

BABYMETAL : 赤ミサ(Red Mass)

April 24, 2015 I have participated to The Red Mass, a live show admitting only female member of The One (Fan Club).

The One member only live show went on for two days. On April 23, the male member only live was a hardcore live titled as “The Black Mass”, and the attendants had the obligation to wear corpse paint and the One member T-shirt.

Then on 24th, the female only show was “The Red Mass”, in which everyone had to wear something red. Well, female had been given much less ordeal….

Rather than my wordy description of the scene, you should read the BABYMETAL official tweet or the attendants’ ones. Each attendant wore costumes of their own choice. There were lots of photo sessions here and there, so you can just search for the pictures as “赤ミサ” and find bunch of them.

I’ll leave detailed report and set list for others to write, I’ll concentrate on “What a female only BABYMETAL live is like”, which had been speculated since the announcement of the show.

To give some idea to those who do not know BABYMETAL well, the male/female ratio in a live is about 7 to 3 (Author’s observation). So, male bathroom had a queue and female had no one waiting. Of course the excited cries are mostly of male voices, and males are more conspicuous in the crowd moshing in the arena. Since the announcement of The Red Mass, I was worried what it would be like with only females, as well as I was excited. Lots of tweets were posted like “What would be the atmosphere?”, or “Would the mosh be milder?”.

Photo from, BABYMETAL's Twitter
Photo from, BABYMETAL's Twitter

1.-Would Wall of Death(WOD) be formed?

It has been an established action in BABYMETAL live to form WOD (a link to WOD explanation). Since usually it is dictated by male fans, pessimistic prediction that only female crowd could not produce a WOD had been prevalent. Some would claimed it was dangerous and should not start with only females.

I myself would not join for fear of fatality in a usual live, let alone dictate one. But as a female mate, I hated to admit female crowd could not form a WOD (though dependent on someone else to instruct). So I had made up my mind that if it started, I’d join in.

The result ….

Great! I can count on someone’d come forth to dictate! Showed them Spirit of Megitsunes!

If I could say the above, I’d be happy. But actually I was at the far left, … I could not join, or not even see this scene. I tried to wade in, but the people around me didn’t even budge!! I blame others!

2.-Mosh? Circle Pit? Crowd Surfing?

Mosh took place around the center, front area. Mosh near the fence appeares to have been intense. But there was no mosh only a little away, and to my impression, people rather just stayed where they had been. I was trying to go forth looking for even a small break, but nobody behind me followed. So vacancy was formed behind me.(laugh) In a usual show, there are areas both with intense moshing and milder one. This time there seems have been a little more difference between areas. If you ever go to another female only live, if you are afraid to go to the front are due to the intense moshing, you’ll be OK if you stay on both far ends.

Heard circle pit was formed somewhere(I could not see).

No surfing, I guess, neither there were strong woman who could lift another one...

3..-Smell bad?

It might be a little better than all male, though everyone was perspiring!

4.-Would the BM member like this?

I read a comment in a tweet that since fan base of both Sakura Gakuin and BABYMETAL are mostly male fans, they would find this (all female) refreshing. BABYMETAL members do not engage in SNS like blog, and their interviews are rare, I cannot be very sure. But to my observation, they appeared to smile more than usual. No! they definitely smiled more. And the smiles were too cute. Each one of the three, in a different ways. SU-METAL smiled in a stately, confident way, or sometimes in a broad smile. MOAMETAL had such appealing expression, like dancing in facial expression as well. Super cute! And YUIMETAL! I have totally fallen for YUIMETAL. Though she was less expressive than MOAMETAL, when a female mate called “Yui-chaaaaan”, she broke into a bright smile. Suuuuuuuupeeeeerrrrr Cute! I just screamed “Kawaiiiiii”.

5.-The Kami band more excited?

I don’t know(laugh). But there had been substantial number of tweets about it. Did they get kick out of cute mates and sexy mates? Once BOH, the God Of Bass tweeted about another live.

Just FYI their performance was immaculate, as usual.

6.-Can everyone sing Road of Rsistance (ROR)?

There is the time everyone sing “Wowowowo”, which is hard for male mates due to the high note. How was it with only females……though I think we did beautifully, the accompaniment was on unlike other lives, making it harder to make sure. Darn!

Not only in ROR but in other songs, we could hear more clearly the calls and counter cries (I made, too). Our voices might lack the power of male crowd due to higher note, but we got together tight to pour our spirit into the calls.

So these are the 6 points as answer to “What a female only BABYMETAL live is like”. It has been as hot a live as BABYMETAL lives always are. 

Female mates who wanted to have wild time and those who wanted to just enjoy undisturbed both could enjoy the show, it seems. I heard in the past BABYMETAL live, unfortunately, a groper did exist. In addition, females are generally shorter than males and obscured, … I would like to have more of this kind of lives.

Review by: Korino

Translation by: LordOfChaDance

Special thanks to: DaemonSD