BABYMETAL interviewed on National Post: "Babymetal just want to rock" 

BABYMETAL was interviewed by National Post from Canada to talk about their upcoming World Tour 2015. The BABYMETAL World Tour will hit Toronto next May 12. The girls also talk about Metallica, the comments on Youtube and if they are a different kind of idol group in Japan. Full interview below. 

Moametal: "I’m happy enough that people acknowledge us whether the like us or not"

They keep their hair in pigtails, wear bright red skirts and sing about chocolate, but don’t call them pop-stars. Babymetal, the massively popular “kawaii-metal” band from Japan, are stopping in Toronto on May 12 as part of their world tour. The band is made up of three teenage girls: Suzuka “Su-metal” Nakamoto, Yui “Yuimetal” Mizuno and Moa “Moametal” Kikuchi. They range in age from 15 to 17, but they headbang and jump around the stage like they’ve been doing this forever. They have toured with Lady GaGa, Metallica are considered fans, and they were the youngest act to perform at Loud Park, the biggest heavy metal music festival in Japan. The Post’s Adam St. Pierre spoke with the group about all things metal.

Q: This is Babymetal’s second world tour. Has the worldwide popularity been a surprise?

Su-metal: "Before this, I used to see a lot of English comments on YouTube and I thought that we had some fans overseas but I was shocked to know that there are so many people just waiting to see us."

Q: Slayer seems to be big fans of yours, but have other heavy metal bands warmed up to you?

Moametal: "I’m happy enough that people acknowledge us whether the like us or not. We’re really blessed to be supported by bands like Metallica."

Q: Are there any heavy metal bands that inspire you?  

Yuimetal: "Metallica, of course! They are the band that all three of us really look up to. They took pictures with us and are super friendly. I think it’ll be fun to tour with them, one day."

Q: Did you think being a heavy metal idol would be a lot different than a normal Japanese idol?

Su-metal: "We came to be Babymetal after receiving a divine message from the Fox God. We strive to be the only one and to continue to do more things that only we as Babymetal can do."

Q Do you get headaches from head banging?

Yuimetal: "Of course! When we first started out I remember suffering from muscle ache for three straight days."