2013.06.10 - BABYMETAL talk: "Megitsune", "Onedari Daisakusen", "Akatsuki" and Live Shows

BABYMETAL was interviewed on BIG ONE GIRLS Magazine Nº16 released on June 10 of 2013 to talk about their new Single to be released in June 19, "Megitsune". But also about the other songs in the Single, "Onedari Daisakusen" and "Akatsuki". In addition the girls talk about their upcoming live shows in 2013, "Legend 1999", "Join Alive" and "Summer Sonic 2013". Very interesting interview translated by our collaborator YMJapan

BABYMETAL interviewed on BIG ONE GIRLS Magazine Nº16

The metal dance unit Babymetal came into existence by the god of metal “Kitsune-sama” in 2010. With putting up ”The fusion of metal and idol” as their theme, they have been spreading its name instantly regardless of the nation through the shocking tune “Doki Doki Morning”. Following that, under the guidance of Kitsune-sama Babymetal has produced numerous legends. They released the first major debut Single “Ijime,Dame,Zettai” on January 9th in 2013. It captured the hearts of metal fans firmly not only idol fans. In addition they won a high rating overseas, like “This is probably the most unique band in music history” (the comment from Sweden, which collected the most upvotes in the Babymetal movies on Youtube)

For Kobametal who is the producer of Babymetal and plays a shaman-like roll for "Kitsune-sama”, the international acclaim seems to be within his anticipation.

Kobametal: "Babymetal was conscious of the foreign scene from its beginning."

On June 19th, Babymetal’s notable 2nd single will be released. “Megitsune” is the title. The theme for this time is “Wa-metal (Japanese style metal)”. The sounds of Koto and Fue (Japanese flute) along with the edgy guitar riffs, mixed with the synthesizer sounds which remind us of the fad of new wave in England in late 2000s, will lead listeners to the inexperienced zone again!

Su-metal’s vocal which holds the outstanding singing skills in the idol world, has become matured as well. Apparently it was caused by her disguise to avoid public notice strengthening her passion, “I want to become matured more! I’d like to lead myself to show much cooler presence!” in the face of the graduation from Sakura Gakuin at March 31st in 2013. This may be beside the point, although she usually gives herself up to the god’s descent on recordings, there was an oracle for this time beforehand, “Sing it with a sense of Tsugaru Kaikyo Fuyu Geshiki ”.

Su-metal isn’t the only one who became matured. The dances of Yuimetal and Moametal also gained the fascinating trait which we couldn’t see before. Though the choreography of Babymetal is made by Mikiko who is also in charge of Perfume’s choreography, Yuimetal and Moametal’s ideas were adopted in some parts this time.

For a coupling song, it includes Onedari Daisakusen by BlackBabymetal, the unit formed by Yuimetal & Moametal who are in charge of screams and raps. This song which is already hugely popular in Babymetal live shows is deeply influenced by rap metal bands like Limp Bizkit. Moreover the highly freeform vocalization of Yuimetal & Moametal makes this song extraneous. The lyrics adorably declaring, “I’ll become dad’s bride, I’ll marry to you, dad” followed by, “buy it, buy it, I beg, I beg” overflow with their charm and a bit of flirt.

Photo from BIG ONE GIRLS Nº16
Photo from BIG ONE GIRLS Nº16

Moametal: "Usually we only do call parts so many would think we can’t sing properly. Therefore I’m glad that you hear our singings fully for the first time."

Another coupling song is the Su-metal’s solo tune, “Akatsuki”. Although Babymetal songs include the elements from a variety of genres such as hip-hop and R&B, this is an authentic metal song. The melody and sound which remind us of the Japanese legendary metal band itself deserves to be called a masterpiece. Furthermore, Su-metal’s powerful and lasting vocal breathes life into the song. Though we may tend to focus on listening to the intense metal sound, this song proved Su-metal’s singing power supports the basis of Babymetal.

Where Babymetal shows its real worth the most is live shows after all. Unless you witness Su-metal’s exceptional vocal and Yuimetal and Moametal’s edgy dances you can’t thoroughly enjoy their world. (This may also beside the point, a member of a group which performed with Babymetal talked about the shock as “All I remember is those girls (among the several performers they played with)” to praise Babymetal‘s performance very highly)

There is a rumor, ”Babymetal is forced to play metal”, though that is not necessarily the case. Surely the three give themselves up to the god’s decent in the performances following the oracles of Kitsune-sama, thus they may not look like having their own will, still, they have surpassed even the god’s imagination many times.

Photo from BIG ONE GIRLS Nº16
Photo from BIG ONE GIRLS Nº16

As Kobametal tells, “The members have the potential to come up with what we can’t imagine. Therefore I’m expecting unique ideas coming from them without knowing metal.”


Those moments more than legends make Babymetal a special figure. The tour, “Babymetal Death Match Tour 2013 May Revolution” held in May turned out the “God’s live” performed by the live band throughout the whole show for the first time.


Yuimetal: "The sounds of the live band ringed to my heart. I felt like a ground rumbling happening in me! It was fun to enjoy it many times in this tour."


Through the tour Babymetal learned how severe, suffering and fun to have live shows with a real band. On June 30th, they will conduct “Legend 1999, Yuimetal & Moametal birthday celebration”. At NHK Hall which is going to be the largest venue in Babymetal’s history for a solo show, a new miracle will be generated to smash the legends.

Su-metal: "The birthday celebration (for Su-metal) in last December was my best birthday in the 15 year, so I hope the two have the same feeling I had and I’m looking forward to perform at NHK Hall that will be the biggest venue so far and we wanted to be at."

Yuimetal: "We might perform hit songs from 1999 when Yuimetal and Moametal was born, if it happens we’d like to show something better than “Over the Future” we performed in the Su-metal’s birthday celebration!"

Photo from BIG ONE GIRLS Nº16
Photo from BIG ONE GIRLS Nº16

Moametal: I’m glad if Yuimetal & Moametal’s birthday celebration becomes an opportunity to draw a new side of Babymetal.

They will appear “Join Alive” festival in Hokkaido this summer. In addition the entry for “Summer Sonic 2013” was announced. The schedule is August 10th for Tokyo and August 11th for Osaka. The headliner for the both days will be Metallica, the god of metal boasting their 32 year career. What kind of performance will Babymetal have on the day the “Metal Master” descends to Japan!?

Moametal: "I’d like to eat delicious foods, perform with full of energy, get new fans and spread the Babymetal’s world!”

Yuimetal: "Moametal is already searching for a souvenir. (Laughs) I’m looking forward to the shows and souvenirs as well!"

Su-metal: "The increase in performance opportunities in festivals has broadened my view on music and I’ve become to think, “Let’s keep on doing Babymetal! Let’s go to find a new myself!” thanks to the festivals, so I’m looking forward to assimilating something much bigger. Through performing with other artists, I’d like to find out what Babymetal is as well."

As Su-metal tells, “I’d like to delve into new worlds as a member of Babymetal and experience what I haven’t known of, feel, see and learn to get to know various worlds”, the three will continue the metal venture with holding more ambitions in their hearts, putting up the Babymetal-ish horn sign, “Kitsune sign” to aim at the unshakable only one position.

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