2015.04.14 - Sakura Gakuin about "Kimi Ni Todoke" making process on Mikiki Tokyo 

Mikiki Tokyo interviewed the Sakura Gakuin members Aiko Yamaide, Ooga Saki, Shirai Saki and the Third Graders Yunano Notsu and Moa Kikuchi (President) to talk about the recently released new Album "Kimi Ni Todoke". The girls talk about the making process of some songs, and specially Moa talks about her last year on Sakura Gakuin. Read the full interview translated below. 

Sakura Gakuin interviewed on Mikiki Tokyo about "Kimi Ni Todoke" 

The arrival of an album that brings a colorful climax and abundant variety to the compilation of Sakura Gakuin`s 2014 school year.

A compilation of the entire year....The greatest climax is contained herein!

Based around the rule of having to graduate from the group when one graduates from Jr. High school, every year the `limited to the period of growth` Unit, Sakura Gakuin is reborn. Making the absolute most of the respective individual characteristics of each of 10 girls of this year`s Sakura Gakuin this year sees the graduation of Mizuno Yui and Kikuchi Moa who were members from the time of SG`s Major debut and have gone on to perform as Babymetal as well as the graduation of Taguchi Hana and Notsu Yunano this March. An album that could be considered the compilation of the 2014 school year of the group, "Sakura Gakuin 2014 Nendo, Kimi Ni Todoke" has been completed.

Kikuchi Moa:

"This year there were many instances of us making use of our respective individual characteristics so I feel speaking honestly that we were all a bit apprehensive and because of that we all grew greatly and learned that even if we are separated we are still all one at heart. This album served as a trigger to bring us all together and I hope we can extend our hearts to more and more people."

Notsu Yunano:

"I feel the `color` of the 2013 Nendo Sakura Gakuin was quite a strong one and so I was a bit anxious about whether we could change that and I feel that in a good meaning we were able to all bring out our own individuality. We may have been a bit slow in bringing the 10 members together but I feel it was a year in which we all grew as individuals.

This album is filled with a variety of individuality from the Pro Wrestling Club`s sonf of `Spin in the Wind` which showed a different sort of toughness than is usual, the song `Peace de Check!` by the Purchasing Club which served to loosen the strings around the wallets of the Fukei-san with its cute call and response section, the composite and fun song, `Hirari! KiraKira YamiYami Museum` of the Cooking Club, Mini Pati which was a `completion of a full course` (stated by Moa), and the recording of the new student`s badminton club, `Tenshi to Akumu`."

Yamaide Aiko:

"In the song, `Tenshi to Akumu` (Angel and Devil) we get to become Angels and sing and to become Devils and sing, and so we are asked to totally change the mood of each part which was really difficult to do but I feel it came out really good."

Shirai Saki: 

"For the 9th song, `Gokigen Mr. Toropikarori` we were told that the 2nd grade students were to play the main role. (This is because 2nd graders often put on weight at that time) (laughs) I would be happy if people could pay attention to these parts were the 2nd graders take on a main role".

Ooga Saki: 

"We recorded a wide variety of songs and so were given lots of instructions like, (put in more emotion), or, (emphasize the difference in strength and weakness more). It was quite a difficult task but once we finished it it was not only fun but also gave us a sense of accomplishment.

The day of graduation is almost upon us. We hope that the songs filled with the respective feelings of the girls will reach the minds and hearts of the fans."

Notsu Yunano:

"In the final song, `Kimi Ni Totoke` we are singing with the Fukei-san and the lower classmates who have supported us in mind and I personally was especially directing my thoughts towards Isono Rinon. I am older than her but within Sakura Gakuin she is my senpai. In spite of that fact she never opposed my opinions and accepted my thinking. The lyrics of `The greatest Thank you in my history!` was sung with her in mind."

Kikuchi Moa:

"I have lived 1/3 of my life in Sakura Gakuin. During these 5 years the Fukei-san have been very supportive at each and every live performance. From here on out as well I hope to reach out to them with a wide range of feelings and I hope they will be there on the Graduation ceremony day to take in all of our feelings and thoughts."

Translation by: Thomas Malone