Marty Friedman about Idol Music and BABYMETAL in interview in Argentina

Marty Friedman was interviewed on Vorterix Radio from Argentina while he it's doing the South American Tour. In this 50 minutes interview, Marty mentioned the Idol Music style and added BABYMETAL on his comment. Watch part of the interview below. 

Marty Friedman about BABYMETAL and Japanese Idol Music 

Marty Friedman it's doing his guitar lessons Tour in South America, he was interviewed on Vorterix's program "Acido" to talk about his career, and his new album "Inferno". During the interview Marty was asked about his love for Japanese music and his appearence on "Global Metal" and he mentioned the Idol Music style and how the people behind Idol Music are secretly heavy metal fans writing powerful heavy metal music with cute little girls singing, like BABYMETAL

Watch the excerpt we did in collaboration with Carlos Arias and MissingReel

The interview was made in Spanish and English so just watch the video because Marty speaks in english and the interviewer too.